4 Beautiful Non-Traditional Songs To Walk Down The Aisle

Traditions can get old.

Especially the traditional 'here comes the bride' tune that is played at every single wedding. As of lately, people have been breaking the mold when it comes to wedding traditions -- songs in general. No longer are the days of just playing a song of your choice at the reception, but now women are taking independence to an entirely different level while choosing a specific tune to walk down the aisle.

Change is good, if you ask me. As long as you don't sing along with the words while the bride makes her entrance, what's so bad about a bride walking down the aisle to her favorite John Legend, N'Sync or Rick James song? Okay, maybe not Rick James. We will save that for the honeymoon. Keep scrolling for a handful of your 'not so typical' wedding ceremony songs to walk down the aisle.

Song: Butterflys

Artist: Alicia Keyz

Song: Kiss Me

Artist: Ed Sheeran

Song: Am I Dreaming

Artist: Atlantic Starr

Song: A Couple Forevers

Artist: Chrisette Michelle


Do you think a bride should stick to tradition?

If you could walk down the aisle to any song, what would it be?

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