5 Videos to Get Your Heart Pumping!

Need a pick me up this week?

Check out these adrenaline filled, heart racing videos that make you go "holy crap" to help pump yourself up for the rest of the week!

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This is one of the moments where you gotta JUST LET GO!

I'm fucking laughing so hard out loud right now! Beautiful, graceful exit!!!! Hahaha. You gotta just go! You'll be glad to know that this student managed to get his B license and is now averaging a few jumps a month - no more hanging on for dear life!

That's the sound of pure fear in the first seconds.

He's climbing slab here, and thankfully all his gear holds in place and his teammate does his job to make sure this doesn't become a bigger disaster. Falls happen in climbing. No one wants to fall, but it's part of the game. Glad everyone was alright, and hope his hand healed up nicely!

What I wouldn't give to be in this crew!

Looks like so much fun -- hanging out somewhere beautiful, and getting to do something thrilling with your friends all day long. Who would say no to that?

Not everybody can life live to this extreme.

Strapping dozens of weather balloons to a lawn chair, letting yourself rise to 8,000 feet, and then using a shotgun to shoot them so you fall down before opening your chute to land safely on the ground is not something every adrenaline junkie gets the chance to do. Erik Roner was certainly an amazing guy, and we won't forget everything he's done!

This guy gets totally saved by his AAD.

Here's what happened: the wingsuiter experiences heavy line twists & gets ready to cut away. But his reserve parachute is stuck. But he cuts away anyways, and trys to increase his speed to get his AAD (Vigil system) to activate. And thankfully, it does.

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