A forgotten Memory Pt. 3 - Namjoon Angst & Fluff


Part 3 the last chapter. Yay, enjoy!

Bursting into the cafe out of breath he startled you. Your eyes widen in fright as you quickly tried to cover yourself. His eyes then locked onto the your table. He took slow careful steps towards you as if you would disappear from him. As soon as he saw your ex-best friend all of the emotion from the past hour hit him like a train.

"Namjoon." You whispered softly as a warning. "Please do not be angry at her she apologized an is remorseful, let it go."

She stood up and bowed her head. "I am sorry. I always try to gain something that isn't mine. Hopefully you'll forgive me please do me a favor and take care of her. She is special do not let a small conflict come in between you two." She gave him a tearful smile then exited the pizzeria.

Seating himself across from you, he took in your appearance. You were more chubbier than he remember and it looked like you hadn't slept in weeks, your hair a mess. None the less he still found you beautiful he just studied, until everything was engraved into his mind. A beautiful burnt scar of you in his memory. You open your mouth to speak, but was cut off.

"Yell, scream, kick, and hit me please! Anything, but your silence!" He begged taking you by surprise as he choked back tears. You stumped him with one question.

"Boy or girl?" His face lit up with confusion. "What?" "Boy or girl?" You repeated as you bit your lower lip. Noticing the small action he knew you were nervous.

"Either, why?" He answered as you smiled brightly.

"No reason. Namjoon I understand you were afraid of my actions, but please trust me next time this happens." You asked playing with you stomach smiling. He loved how understanding you were of others. You always considered other peoples opinion and talked to them about it. You could easily read peoples emotion, except for the day you left. The thought of that day pained Namjoon as he quickly shook the thought away.

"I am so sorry, jagi. I am a coward" He suddenly let out a harsh sob, luckily nobody was around. You never seen him cry before let alone sob his heart out. Slowly, but carefully you tried to get out of the booth to stand, as you jacket fell off of you.

"Jagi" he breathe out taking in you approaching form. "What?" Namjoon gasped out softly.

You were seven months pregnant. You looked as if you would have popped any minute.

"Is...Is it mine?" He asked reaching out and placing his hand against your stomach. Pride swelled in his chest as he saw you nod.

Standing up he pulled you closer and enveloped you into his arms. His face buried in you long curly hair, never wanting to let go. You gently stroked his head as he dropped to his knees circling you stomach. He nestled into you stomach feeling you baby kick brought him the utmost joy from the past months. He stared up at you with love and adoration, Namjoon's grin got wider as he swiftly stood up. He crashed his lips against your with so much pressure you were sure they were going to be bruised. He cupped you face in both of his hands as he wiped the unintentional tears escaped you.

Pressing his forehead with yours, you both stood there savoring the moment of being reunited again. It was absolute torture, but he promised to make up every single moment you were gone. Walking towards your car Namjoon drove you home to his apartment. You stared at the lights from the city passing by. You were no longer a forgotten memory, but a cherished existence.

"Namjoon?" You called out grabbing his attention from the road.

"Hmm?" He gave a slight tilt for acknowledgement.

"I want ice cream" You said shyly rubbing you belly from cravings.

"And the demands start rolling in."

"Oh Namjoon, it's twins"





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