Day 71 of the 250k transformation challenge

Day 71 of the 250k transformation challenge. It's week 11 and in less then 2 weeks, I'll be done with this challenge. I'm currently in my maintenance break from the aggressive fat loss program and my weight is slowly rising. I never cared about the weight, I always say you have to go by how you feel, your energy levels and how your clothes fit. Over the weekend I tried on a pair of jeans that 1 year ago were really tight on me. When I tried it on, it was really loose and baggy, and I had about 2 inches of leeway around my waist. I have definitely gone a long way since last year and I'm happy. I remember when I used to have to loosen up the button because it was so tight. Now I can fit into a size 30 and my belly isn't popping out. Whatever fitness or health journey you're on, stick with it. You may not see the results on a daily basis, but when you hit that "aha" moment, it'll all be worth it. Have a great week!

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