From Nah Miss To Flawless: A Chemical Peel Journey


It's been a little over my three years since my last chemical peel and it's definitely time for another. While I didn't mean to take such a long hiatus form getting peels here and there, a little something called like happened.

Now that I have much more down time, I have made it my business to give my skin a little bit of tender love and care. This past week I scheduled an appointment for a consultation and a chemical peel to get my face back in tip top shape.


Although it's been some time, I still remember the process like it was yesterday. They say beauty is pain and while a chemical peel only burns for less than a minute or so, the days following are nothing close to pretty. If you've ever experienced the peeling or redness of a chemical peel or lived vicariously through Samantha on Sex and The City, know that it's worth it in the end.

The redness and peeling usually last somewhere between 4-7 days, so it's always best to schedule this type of appointment when you have some downtime or people will definitely stare. While I'm excited to shed a layer of skin, I'm not looking forward to looking like two-face from Marvel. With that being said, keep scrolling to see a quick list of thoughts that go through every woman's mind while going through the peeling process of a chemical peel.


Getting Dressed In The Morning Will Literally Suck

You'll try your best to avoid looking into the mirror at all costs, but it's bound to happen at some point.


You're Bound To Start Thinking Negative

Knowing that you knew this was going to happen after you paid your $300. You allow something temporary to affect your mood.


You'll Think Everyone Is Automatically Judging You

Store runs and trips to work will be dreadful. You can only take but so many days off, use your time wisely.


You Tell Them Why You Look The Way You Do

Even if they don't ask [although they want to], you mention why your face looks like you dropped the iron on yourself this morning. You urge them not to stare for the sake of your sanity.


You Urge Your Best Friend To Pick You Up From Work

Taking public transportation just isn't going to work with your situation during the peeling process. You cover your face the moment you get into the car, as if she hasn't seen you at your worst before.


You Manage To Snap Out Of Your Funk Thanks To Your BF

That's what friends are for. They love you at your best and at your worst. Plus in another 4-7 days you'll be back on your Beyonce status. Confidence regained.


And On The Seventh Day, She Was Flawless

This might of been the longest week of your life, but at least you now know what it's like to constantly cover your face like Sia.

Have you ever undergone a chemical peel?

Would you be confident enough to rock a peeling face for one week?


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