Sehun Oneshott~ Title : Long Time No See - (Your POV) I sigh peacefully as my head falls back on the head rest. I've been on this train for hours now. When will I be in Seoul? I'm supposed to be moving into an apartment in Seoul today...I've finally found a job! I'm now officially a makeup artist for a kpop band! I don't know who it is though...I don't know much about the kpop world..EXI...EXE? Something like that.. "We have now arrived in Seoul." The train intercom says. I smile in content as I gather up all of my belongings and push through the crowd to get off of the train. Now all I have to do is set my things down in my new apartment and then head to my workplace to meet the band. - I'm in the taxi on the way to SM Entertainment. Honestly, I'm nervous. What if I mess up? I don't want to think about it. The taxi stops, I pay and get out. My jaw drops when I see how huge the building is. I'm working here?! I'm going to get lost! I head in the doors and go up to a desk so the person can tell me where to go. Third floor, room 308. Okay. Let's do this. - I arrive outside of room 308. I'm really nervous now, butterflies are swarming in my stomach. I take a deep breath and slowly open the door, I'm greeted with silence and 12 boys staring at me blankly. "H-hello..." I greet lamely, looking down at the floor. Really? That's the best I could've done?! "Are you the new makeup artist?" I hear a deep voice ask. I nod shyly. "Welcome!" Another voice exclaims. "Do you know who we are?" Someone asks. "No..I don't...sorry.." I mumble. "Okay! Then we'll introduce ourselves." The guy says. "I'm Suho, the leader." "My name is Park Chanyeol." "I'm Xiumin." "Nice to meet you, I'm Lay." "The name's Kai." "Hii, I'm Chen." "My name is Kyungsoo but call me D.O." "I'm Luhan." "Yo, wassup..I'm Kris." "Call me Tao." "I'm Baekhyun! It's so nice to meet you!" I look to the last member and my eyes almost pop out of my head. "Sehun?!" I exclaim. "_____?!" He replies. Sehun smiles his cute smile and he pulls me into a hug, which I gladly return. "You two know each other?" Chen asks, very confused. "Yes, we're childhood friends." I explain, breaking the hug. "That's cool!" Tao says. Someone walks in and the boys immediately bow, so I do the same. "Ahh ____. Welcome! So you're officially starting tomorrow because these boys have a showcase. Be here by 7 a.m. please." The woman explains. "And boys, the rest of the day is free." The woman says to them. They smile happily and bow again before the woman exits. "So, you don't know Exo?" Kai asks. I shake my head. "I don't know much about kpop." I reply. "Oh, okay. Well, you will now." Kai says with a laugh. I smile and look to Sehun. My oh my. He's gorgeous. He's grown up so well...I'm jealous. He is so tall and handsome. That familiar fluttering in my chest, the one I used to feel when I would look at him, returns. I remember...Sehun was my first love. I never told him how I felt and I regretted it when we were 12 and he suddenly moved away. I guess I've never gotten over him. I still love him. He looks so different now, a good different but he's still Oh Sehun. I can't believe he's an idol! "Earth to ____. Hello?" D.O. questions. I snap out of my thoughts and notice that Sehun is gone. Where the heck did he go? "Sorry I zoned out...can you tell me where the bathroom is?" I ask shyly. "It's out in the hallway, to your right." Xiumin answers. "Thanks.." I say and leave. Where did that sneaky kid go? I look around the corner to find Sehun and a girl, smiling at each other. That's not even the worst part. His arm is wrapped around her shoulder! Is that his girlfriend? I wouldn't be surprised since he's a freaking gorgeous man who is famous. I'm still...a little hurt. That's what I get for not confessing my feelings when I had the chance years ago. "Are you jealous?" I hear a voice whisper in my ear. I jump in fear and turn around quickly, my face going into someone's chest. It's the tall guy, Chanyeol. "Here. I can help." He says quietly. "Who said I was jealous?" I ask, furrowing my eyebrows. "You are..and I'll help you." Chanyeol states. "How?" I ask curiously. He bangs on the wall next to us to make the two know that we are here and he quickly wraps his arms around me, hugging me tightly. I'm confused. "Hug back...he's looking." Chanyeol whispers. I slowly hug back. "What's he doing?" I whisper. "He looks jealous. Mission accomplished." Chanyeol replies softly, still hugging me. I giggle. This guy is already so friendly and we just met like 10 minutes ago. Why is he doing this? How does he know my feelings for Sehun? "The girl left, and he's walking this way." Chanyeol whispers, letting go of me and stroking my hair. He smiles so brightly while he strokes my hair, acting like he has a crush on me. I can hear Sehun walking up behind us. "What's going on?" Sehun asks quietly. I smile. He sounds aggravated. Thank you Chanyeol. "Nothing, I'm going. Bye!" Chanyeol says, leaving to go back with the rest. "Do you know him?" Sehun asks. "No. I just met him like 10 minutes ago.." I reply. "Do you like him?" Sehun asks. I decide to play along with Chanyeol's plan. "What does it matter to you?" I answer. "Just answer the question." Sehun grumbles. "Maybe." I continue. He frowns and sighs. "I haven't seen you in 8 years." I change the subject. "I know...I missed you a lot." Sehun mutters. My cheeks flare an unnatural shade of red. He missed me? "M-me too.." I reply. "Do you really like Chanyeol like that?" Sehun asks, contorting his face. "No.." I answer honestly. A small smile forms on Sehun's face. "Who was that girl?" I ask. "My cousin." Sehun answers. Cousin?! So I was worried for no reason! A small sigh of relief escapes through my lips. "Can I say something?" Sehun asks. "Sure.." I utter. "I...love you." He confesses. I almost choke on my spit. "Y-you what?" I question in disbelief. "I love you...I always have...I was going to tell you before I moved away but I didn't have enough courage.." He admits. I smile and hug him. "I love you too." I say quietly. He wraps his arms around me and kisses my forehead. "Long time no see, ____." He whispers and hugs me tighter. (please don't take my work) tagging peeps:@AmberRelynn@SugaMint@luna1171@Mikim000@orchiofriend549@KoreanDramaMaMa@UnnieCakesAli@Viresse@FalseLove@EXOAsf@MorleeCorielus@BridgetJara@VIPFreak2NE1@DestinaByrd@twistedPuppy@GreciaFlores@LenaBlackRose@MrsChanyeol@twistedexo@ninjamidori@MarrickeJ33@LinnyOk@LemonLassie@SindyHernandez@KeziahWright@VIPforever123@Kieuseru@Kiyofugi@MariaMontoya1@Cassierchiqua@ParkHwaYoung@PrincessFoxFire@gyanilet16@SaraHanna@JinsPrincess@ILikeHisFace123@daljiyong@seulbyul@Izzy987 @viviano6@EmilyPeacock@yaya12@Eliortiz13

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