Go'ing'fer Him Part 22

The day of the photo shoot arrives. You’ve been a mess all through work, you keep telling yourself it’s just pictures right? An hour before quitting time Junho comes over and grabs your hand, “Time to go. Ready?”

You blow a breath out, “Sure.”

He leans down, cupping your cheeks, “You are beautiful. Didn’t you learn anything from that photo released already? Our pictures will be smoking…” he states. He throws his arm around you and leads you out to his car. He doesn’t care if anyone notices; he doesn’t react to any gasps or whispers.

“So, where is this photo shoot?”

“My house,” he beams. “That way we are comfortable and the boys can join in too.”

Just as you start to think ‘okay, not so bad’ he adds, “And you can do multiple outfits.”

“Outfits? Why can’t I just wear what I have on?”

He reaches over and grabs your hand, “You will look amazing in whatever you do or do not wear.” A mischievous grin slides across his face as he deliberately looks out at his rearview mirror.

“Not wear?” you start to choke, “Is this a couple shoot or a porn shoot?”

He looks over with a raised eyebrow, “You’d be up for that?”

Your eyes turn to saucers, “What?!? No!!” You cover your face and start to moan, “I can’t do this. Oh hell, what have you gotten me into?” His laughter can be heard bouncing around the car. You glare over at him and start smacking him on the arm.

“Ow! Ow! Jagi, I’m driving!” But his laughter is even more pronounced now. When he stops at the stoplight he quickly turns; grabs your face and gives you a searing kiss. It’s enough to put color in your cheeks and drain the fight right out of you. A horn blares behind you; he pulls back, “I was kidding Jagi.” He gives you a quick peck and puts the car back into drive.

A few of the group’s make-up artists and stylists arrive a few minutes after you pull up. Junho locks the cats in an unused room so they can’t escape when the photographer gets there. You are both escorted upstairs where they immediately start on your make-up, another starts going through the closet. Clothes are piling up on the bed and you’re beginning to think this shoot will last the entire evening.

Junho finished earlier and is downstairs with the photographer, when they finally pronounce you ready. The stylist leads you over to the bathroom so you can see yourself in the mirror. You don’t recognize the woman staring back at you.

“Wow, your miracle workers,” you comment, turning this way and that.

“It helps to have a palette that just needs a little enhancement. This is all you.” She smiles and pats your shoulders. “Come on, they’re waiting on you.”

You’ve never traversed his stairs in heels, you find yourself a little nervous that you’ll end up splat at the bottom.

At the sound of your heels, Junho turns to greet you. The ready smile and words on his lips fade. As he starts towards you, the cameras start to flash. You decide the only way you’ll get through this is to just focus solely on him. You timidly smile as he stops in front of you, “Will I do?”

You watch as his adams apple bobs, he seems at a loss for words. “Jagi…”

Without even trying the photos to be leaked are accomplished within the first few minutes of you coming down the stairs. The photographers are really good at catching small, intimate moments between the two of you. They catch him tickling you while trying to loosen you up. You playfully swatting at him when his comments embarrass you.

They decide to wait til the end to shoot the steamy shots. The only people left are the two of you, the photographer and his assistant. The assistant adjustes the lights and the photographer nods to Junho, “It’s all you.”

You look quizzically over at him as he sits you up on his kitchen counter and steps between your legs. “Focus on me, Jagi,” he whispers, placing a finger under your chin. The look in his eyes makes your breath catch. “I asked for these, no one else but the four of us will ever see them.” He strokes over your chin to move your hair behind your ear, leans down and starts nibbling on your neck. And just like that, no one else exists in your world.

By the time the photographer finishes you’re burning up and wish they would instantly disappear. You aren’t the only one affected as Junho hasn’t moved from behind the counter. “Damn,” you can hear the assistant say, “I need a cold shower.” The photographer glances over as they leave, “Definitely one of my hottest shoots, why can’t I find a woman with that chemistry?”

When the door closes, Junho walks over and locks it. He returns to you, exactly where he was before. “Where were we?”

Just in case your imaginations need any help... (HA) photo shoot poses that ran through my head. You can decide which ones to leak.


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