My Pre-Competition Playlist

With most everything in my life, I have a playlist. Mostly Kpop, but I do have some other genres included. I have one playlist though, that is my most used and favorite. It's the one I listen to in the car when I'm on my way to dance competitions! It gets my blood pumpin' and I get pumped up to own that dance floor after listening to it. Plus I have a little superstition if I don't listen to it, we usually won't do as well. Superstition, yes, but we all have them. Here's my pre-competition playlist in honor of Monday Music Madness.

Growl by EXO K: Kinda adds a climax into my playlist, giving me a slight edge

Two Moons by EXO K ft Key: Makes me feel sassy, like it's a home competition

B.A.P. Intro: Usually I listen to this first, to put my mind in the game and do a quick mental run through of my dances

Very Good (Rough Version) by Block B: I like the rougher sound of Kpop, as well as being a Metal Head and loving loud sounds. I think this one gets me pumped up the most

Menbun by CL: Gives me girl power, since I look up to her as the Queen and her rocker vibe

Fantastic Baby by Big Bang: A lot of Big Bang songs just feel rebellious, which is perfect for Hip Hop

Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang: The beat and tempo make me feel unstoppable, and I carry it through until after award ceremonies

Jump by BTS: Feels like if a video was made, it would describe most emotions someone feels on competition day

We Are Bulletproof Pt2 by BTS: My head always starts to twitch back and forth in the beginning, and I have to move to this song

War of Hormones by BTS: The video for this is just #goals. Everything I want to be at comp

Hope you all enjoyed! Do you have any superstitions you have to do? Are there any dancers who may use this now? Comment below!

Love you guys! -MaeRin

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