She Needed Validation

Do you think being single makes it harder to see your self worth? A good friend texted me today needing to talk. This is what she said: "Need someone for real talk for a minute- I feel like I am getting less cool and less attractive as I age and it's making me sad. And being single for long I think amplifies those feelings. And I am super isolated with work right now." This is what I said to her: "That is definitely not true and is your crazy smart, crazy over active brain getting to you for a sec. You are getting more amazing and MORE cool by the day!! Being single absolutely has mades me feel less sure of my attractiveness and worth in the past. It's important that those things come from inside yourself, but at the same time, it's so understandable to want validation on that. I love you and I think you're incredible. And I still have the biggest girl crush on you of all time." I'm not sure I gave the right advice, but I did my best... Any other words I could share with her right now? Has anyone else ever felt like this? It's an unfamiliar feeling to me, sort of, and I wish I could get in her head better. Thank you so much in advance!

Think positive, love food, be happy :)
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