End of March with Kpop....

guys.....I'm not OK...there's just....just....SO MUCH GOING OM AT THE SAME TIME OMG

First GOT7 new album & MV FLY which is awesome~~~ <3 The album is good too!!!

THEN this month we got the awesome company SubKultureEnt not ONLY dropping that theyre bringing GOT7 to the US for a concert tour but ALSO in May they're bringing Shinee to Chicago for a fanmeeting!! (I can't go.. but it's still exciting!) (I am going to the GOT7 concert tho)

BLOCK B!! I'm super excited for their comeback. The lead single drops on the 28th(so basically the 27th where I live) They've released 4 member photos so far <3

Then a few days ago we also got flippin BTS over here like HEY we have a SPECIAL album coming out in may..

Today, Amber from F(x) just released a teaser for a new MV she's coming out with!! in her tweet she said "you guys don't know how excited I am to release this" Like no Amber...I'm sooo excited for this now!! Just from this teaser it sounds good & I'm excited!!

THENNNN Today Day6 is like, YO we are coming back on the 30th! (I really like the title of his btw)


like DAMN now is both not a good time & a good time to be fans of all these groups & artists.....MY HEARTU~

I love K-Pop, music, dancing, singing, food, Kingdom Hearts, & many other things! My fav K-Pop groups are SJ, BTS, BigBang, GOT7, & Block B! I'm working hard to become successful in my dream career! ^^
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