Do You Know How To Ripen Green Plantains?

Okay, so last week I had the hardest time trying to ripe my green plantains. For some reason, the markets that I go to do not sell ripe bananas in general, so I have to make do with what I have. No, I didn't want tostones. I wanted these bad boys sweet enough for a pastelón.

At first, I tried the paper bag trick.

Like....what the hell.

Anyway, I came across this video on how to ripen green plantains:

And I thought this video was useless because:

1) I want my plantains ripe like ASAP...not days.

2) These are not for plantains necessarily, so I wonder if the process is different.

Anyway, I ended up just playing the waiting game for the plantains. However, if someone has a sure way of ripening green plantains quickly, please let me know! I've searched all of the internet and for some reason I am running into walls.

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