SNSD's pink outfits: Love it or Hate it?

The pink outfits that SNSD had during their press conference in Seoul for “2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour – Girls & Peace” has attracted enormous interest. Most of the public responses were, however, pretty negative - calling the dresses outrageous/ridiculous looking. And even their fans agreed, making jokes like SNSD somehow fought with their coordi - and thus getting such ugly outfits in return (reminder: this is a joke). The bright pink outfits were not only seen in the press conference but also during the first set of their Seoul concert including songs like Hoot. SNSD started off their 2013 World Tour in Seoul with two concerts last weekend (June 8 and 9). Next up on their list is Taipet on June 20 and 21. So, what do you think about the unique outfits? Love it or hate it?

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