Do You Truly Understand That Food Is A Basic Human Right?

Charity is always an interesting concept. We want to give back, and yet the money we donate or the well wishes we say don't always actually HELP the person in need. Yet finally, charity has gone a step in the right direction. The Kansas City Community Center has completely disregarded the idea of a "soup kitchen" and has instead created an actual restaurant for the homeless equipped with set tables, a greeter, and a wait staff. Even the food is high quality, made fresh, and served with beautiful presentation!

"Food is the ultimate human right." I love that line and we can all agree with that. But where things have gotten a bit wonky is the actual distribution of this basic human right. For some reason people seem to forget that the homeless are STILL PEOPLE. We throw money on the ground or avert our eyes, totally blinded to that fact that our fellow people are not living a quality life. What's most important about this new motto, "dinning with dignity" is the community and human connect that these people will receive; all of which is centered around the thing that brings everyone together... FOOD! They can ask for the food they want, learn about the nutrition they need to live, and just have a conversation where they don't feel like they are being looked down upon. People seem to forget that we are all just one bad turn away from being there ourselves. Dine with dignity is an inspiration and I hope this motto becomes adopted at every soup kitchen. What do you think?

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