GOT7 30 Days Challenge: Día 17

안녕하세요! Hola my pipool, it's Día 17, just a bit over half way there.


Día 17: Your favorite GOT7 gif...not sure if they mean as a group or que (English is confusing af) - As an honor to his almost birthday that's going to stress me out no lie and not to mention I'm sure it's 100% relatable is him giggling like a high school girl (or graduate student just saying)


Okis now for tagging my lovely small Vingle familia and chingus...고마워요 for putting up with this (me & these tags). @PrettieeEmm @VeronicaArtino @amobigbang @luna1171@moonchild03 Besos!

Love KNK, KARD, SVT, BTOB, BAP, BTS, GFRIEND, AOA, MAMAMOO!!!!! -And more groups!! Sooooo Please join me in my loco adventures of this world. Sólo una latina que le tiene un amor increíble a los coreanos y sigo aprendiendo de los demás. I love reclipping my Vingle's family posts. Disfruta. (My English isn't still very good looking but definitely better) 파이팅. *Multi-fandom*
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