Dude Wants Me To Fuck His Girl!!??!!

It Seems Like He Really Needs Someone To Help Pleasure His Girlfriend's Sexual Needs.I Want To Help Him. But This Might Be a Setup. Tell Me What You Think. I Need Some Advice Loll.

Hey. Im 18 Years Old. Im A Hardcore Otaku Loll. I Love Watching Anime. Well Its Not Like I Want To Watch Anime. I Need To. Its Just Something That Has Shaped Who I Am Today. Ive Learned So Much, So Many Lessons From Anime. Anime And Japanese Has Just Really Influenced me Emotionally and Mentally. Ive Seen Over 120 Different Anime Series. So I Guess Im a Veteran? Maybe? . Loll Hit Me Up Or Follow Me. It'd be Nice To Make Some New Friends. Peace ✌😎😎
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