Ikon Screenshot Story Game: Roles Switched Part 4

Haiiiii Everyone! So I am back with the next part of the Ikon Game! This time, all of this story is my doing so hopefully you love it! I'm sorry it took until this time for me to post but I have been super busy with stuff here at home. Enjoy Part 4!

*WARNING* This part of the Game has Smut in it! Read at your own risk!

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Place your at*An hour later*"Damn, so much for protecting myself"


#1: This Guy Was Who You Saw At The Door


#2:This Guy Was The One Staring At You


#3:This Guy Came In And Heard What You Said


#4:This Guy Stopped Him Before He Did Something To You*Here starts the smutness*

*Smut smut smut alert! Thank you@twistedpuppy for helping me with this smut smut part LOL*


What you said as a whisper to him

Woooooo is it hot in here or what! *fans myself* I hope y'all enjoyed this part. It took me a while to think what should happen and came up with this Lol Special thanks to my Smut expert@twistedpuppy for the help on the smut part LOL Anywho let me know what you thought about this ^-^

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