7 TV Characters that are Actually Financially Relatable

I grew up in the era of television when Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, and the OC. Glamorous ladies straight out of college or in high school or in adulthood that are KILLING it when it comes to the money game.

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Here's a few that I've found in TV shows I enjoy:

Cece from New Girl

A former model that now works in a bar and is living with a bunch of roommates. Relatable.

Abbi and Ilana Broad City

Both have non-professional jobs. Both live in crappy-ish apartments they share with roommates. Relatable.

Greg from Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Also a bartender who is going to night school to help support his dad's medical bills. Relatable.

Jane the Virgin

During the day Jane is going to school and student-teaching. At night she's a cocktail waitress. Relatable.

Hannah from Girls

In the first season, Hannah was begging for money from her parents who soon cut her off. Relatable.

Kimmy Schmidt

She just spent a big chunk of her time living underground (uhh not so relateable), so probably has zero money. Moved into a shabby apartment and works as a nanny. Relatable.

What other characters on TV are financially relatable??

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