What I learned from: Anomalisa

Everything is the same. Every food you taste, the people you talk to, the smells, the sights, and the type of life you have is like a constant reputation of being trapped in a body that can no longer keep itself sane. It's a life crisis. This animated feature shows that the right moment to let go and finding the right person at the most awkward, random time can be a revelation. So, here's what I've learned.

Always in my head

Michael is a lonely man with the inability to connect with people. He's been taking a break from his wife and kid, the people he meets at the hotel are modest, and overall, doesn't really get along with any of them. The worst part of all is that these people sound the same (Same voice actor performing male and female characters). It's like a looping song that never ends. But the other part about Michael is that he is stuck and breaking through all of it with his pain and struggle, especially during the conference he speaks at during the end. It's not just the people that give you a hard time, but it's you who are deeply motivated to get out. By changing and expressing yourself to you, you give yourself what you're problems and by piling it all off of you, you're relieved from all of it.

To be alive

This is a movie with no humans, just puppets. They too can employ emotions, and sounds, and movements just like us. One important scene is when Michael meets Lisa and invites her to his room after a round of drinks and lively conversations. She tells him that she's not like all other people and that's she considers herself ugly, but Michael denies this because she has a voice and life he has been desperately searching for his whole existence. When searching for someone or something, you're not just finding a way to sedate yourself, but you want to feel safe with this someone or something you've been searching for. It's not just about finding "the one" but it's about you get a sense of letting go and starting the first few minutes and beyond with a new connection. That is how you can be alive again.

Someone's out there waiting

One of my favorite scenes is the conference in which Michael speaks about improving and advising his audience with customer service; one of the most mundane jobs ever. Then he breaks out his philosophies about it all. He uses his job expertise and experiences he has had in the hotel as a driving force to let people know of his crisis. One in particular is telling the audience to "pay attention to the interesting parts about a person" because that's what's important. It can be a striking resemblance and satisfaction to start when communicating with someone, whether it be long distance, at work, or starting a new relationship. The rest can be fillers, such as hobbies, and whatnot. Paying close attention to what a person believes or struggles with is a number one priority.

So, what did you think of Anomalisa? What were some things you find interesting?

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