Happiness is beautifully deceptive as relative to one situations, and this preconceived notion is wrong. Happiness is not possessive, nor is it quantifiable. Happiness exists wholeheartedly for reason and is constructed upon a firm foundation of perspective. There is no sense of catholic happiness, no trial that separates the degree to which we experience happiness, it is all one.


Some think that what makes us happy is crazy. Other think that what makes us happy, makes us crazy. I personally don't give a damn about my decaying mental stability, because the way I see it if you aren't happy; you're crazy, and if you aren't either; you're a corpse. However to each their own. If being plagued by a severe case of emotional rigor mortis makes you happy then you in fact are alive and proof that happiness knows no true form.


In my experience happiness has always been about what I could share with others, but as I aged happiness became a solace that rescued me from my tribulations. It no longer was an excuse that defined moments I shared with others, but now it was a general sense of purpose that wrought an entitled sanctity for my wholesome being. A sanctity that was bestowed upon me when I took my first breath.

because from that point when my life began to the point where my life ends happiness will not cease to be found by me. And when I cross over into that next plane of existence, or non existence I pray it be with happiness in my heart and a newborn joyful innocence in my eyes.

I like to write to help others, but also help myself
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