Nerd Girl Explains Gay Captain America to


Goes better than expected.

there are 8 days in the week geniuswhat happens if you cut your nipple off

Oh but wait! There's more!


"also how bucky extracts his grenades."

Can't argue with that!

Sebastian Stan *does* have a pretty mouth.


☆*: .。. oヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ o .。.:*☆

The final explanation: "also, this is how Steve looks at Bucky:"


The more you know?

The bodybuilding community has a bad reputation for being full of meatheads and jerks, and while there's definitely a few of those in the crowd, I think we all know that stereotypes are pretty much garbage. Which is why their response was just as welcoming as you'd expect from anyone else.

I think by "weird" he means WONDERFUL!

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