Dear Hoseok -One Shot

Did you know how it felt like to be lonely? Not alone, lonely. Not sometimes, all the time. Because of this loneliness, I searched the world to find something to fill the gap. I got into many bad relationships, drugs, parties, and and much more. I wasn't depressed, I was just lonely. I never cried because I saw what happened to strong women when they did, they got taken advantage of and they became broken. The only way to keep myself from crying and becoming broken was to stay out of love. And I did... until you came along, Hoseok. For the first time in my life, I sincerely smiled, all because of you. You gave me hope, you gave everyone hope... I loved cuddling with you, sneaking little pecks in front of your friends who also made me feel, together, and like I wasn't alone anymore. I knew you would be busy whenever you were promoting so that never bothered me, because I trusted you and knew how to cope, just healthy this time, not drugs, parties, or over-working. I loved how you brightened up the room with your smile. You affects everyone's mood, we knew when not to mess with you and when to play around. I loved seeing you dance your heart out on and off stage. You said you loved me, and I loved you. You promised to never break me and we promised to never leave each other lonely. We said even if it didn't last, we would stay friends because we were that before boyfriend and girlfriend. You saved me. You said I would never be alone... so why am I now? I try to remain unselfish because your friends need support too, but... you broke your promise, you left me broken. Everyday tears stream down my face when I'm alone, because you died, right on that bridge. No one knows why you just collapsed, but you did and you didn't make it. Now I only do what's needed, nothing more and thing less, refusing to get close to anyone again. because the last person I got close the to was you, and look what happened. Regardless, I know you would want me to keep on living so I won't kill myself, that would just disgrace you. But tell me Hoseok, why did you leave me when I wasn't ready? Love, Y/N


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