Korean Beauty Trends for 2016

Everyone loves makeup, some wear it religiously and others when they're going out for the night. For those of us who want to know insider secrets to Korean skincare, this card is for you.

Water is the first ingredient

Many skincare companies are now shifting to water being the first ingredient, because of its benefits. Water has been so beneficial, mineral water in particular, that its been used in hydrotherapy for cancer patients. The known benefits are decrease in inflammation, strengthen nails, brighten hair, and clear up acne.

Sparkling face masks

Carbonation isn't the best thing for us in drink form, but its all the rage in face masks. You dip your face in a bowl with a 1:1 ratio (so if you use a cup of water, use a cup of the carbonated stuff) of carbonated water to normal water for about 30 seconds to a minute, which can invigorate your skin. It can also deep clean you pores and is known to have toning and firming benefits for your skin. Keeps those frown lines away!

Feed your skin with seaweed

Seaweed is not only yummy when eaten in sushi or by itself (can't lie, I love it), but has healing properties for your skin. Fermented sea kelp has vitamins and minerals that can combat acne and hyperpigmentation. Gotta try this while I'm still a teenager!

Shadow Play and Ombré Lips

Hair shading and ombré lips are both great ways to fake fullness. With the lips, it's a simple sounding process. Take a darker shade in the center and get lighter towards the edge of your lips. Should be easy in the morning when you're in a time crunch. With hair, all you need to do is line your hair line with an eyeliner pencil or eyeshadow to create thicker appearing hair and a smaller face.

Well, there you guys go! Here are some of the top expected beauty trends in Korea this year! Will you be trying any? Leave us a comment below and let us know how it work for you!

Love you guys! -MaeRin


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