Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend: Part Eight - Code Green?

Summary: Nanami may be little, but she is far from fragile. She is witty, sassy, and dangerous. She runs her own group of criminals and has been known to love anything and everything shiny, but she will not pay for any of it. She is a thief, and a good one at that. When some of her boys get captured by the police she has to make up her mind to either cancel the heist or find replacements. Just in time, her new neighbors move in and capture her attention with their raw talent. She decides the heist will continue, but how to get the boys to join? Blackmail of course.

Now just to clear this up. The boy's personalities might be a bit different from what they are like in real life, but I do not personally know them and this a FICTION story. Please take this into account as you read. Thank You.

All Parts of this story are here ~~>Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Warning: Slight Language and Sexual Jokes

The sun had moved passed the middle of the sky and started to flirt with the idea of setting in the west. Nanami watched as the remainder of the equipment was loaded and set up in the van. She couldn’t believe that the last couple months had gone by so quickly. Arms wrapped around her from behind and she closed her eyes letting herself melt into his embrace. “Finally up I see?”

“Why didn’t you wake me up? I could have helped you.”

Nanami smirked and looked up at him. “And wake that too adorable sleeping face? I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Plus, the more sleep you get the more useful you are to me later sexy.” She winked at him and looked back down at the van. The truth was she didn’t want to have to see that sad look in his eyes. She pushed the thought to the back of her mind and turned to face him. “Are you ready for this? I mean you did learn all of those nasty thieving habits.” She raised an eyebrow and laughed when his face twisted.

“That…I…. You…” He struggled to find some way out of his past comment and Nanami just laughed.

Moving to stand on her tiptoes she smirked and whispered into his ear. “What? Now that I am yours they aren’t such nasty habits?” She giggled as she watched his face turn red and he shot her a look.

“No I still think they are bad habits, but since it is you I think I can handle them for now.” He looked down at her tenderly and ran his hand across her cheek.

She let her face lean into his hand only to turn away when Jungkook called out to her. “Coming my little Kookie.” She watched Jin’s reaction and couldn’t help but laugh over his not so pleased expression. “Jealousy suits you pretty boy.” Giggling she ran off to join Jungkook and the others near the van.

“This will be like a nightmare version of Cinderella. At the stroke of noon tomorrow she will run away, but there is no finding this Cinderella with a glass slipper.” Jin turned to look at the approaching Levi. “You know why she can’t stay. You also know she wants to. If you want to truly help her, then don’t ask her to stay with you. You both live such different lives and with Ricky still trying to get her, if he finds out about you then he will just use you to get her, and none of us want him to get his hands on her again.” She smiled at him slightly sadly before turning away and heading down to the van.

His mind knew he couldn’t possibly ask her to stay. Ricky already knew where she was, and not to mention he and the boys were going to be debuting soon and that would also pull them apart. His heart on the other hand? That was screaming for him to beg and plead for her to not leave him. Jin took a deep breath and shook his head. No good would come from letting his heart take the lead this time. He watched as Nanami looked up at him and waved him down. Yes, he would have to ignore his heart and let Nanami leave. A forced smile tugged at his lips and he moved down to join the rest of the group.


The van sat quietly on the side of the building. Yoongi, Levi, and Jimin sat inside watching the screens and listening intently to the others over their own Bluetooth pieces. Hoseok and Taehyung were both around the corner from the van watching the front of the building, and Namjoon sat tapping his fingers impatiently on the steering wheel. Even without seeing their faces Nanami could feel the tension from the boys.

They were terrified of being caught and not for the first time she wondered if bringing such inexperienced boys into a gig this big was a good idea. She had made the last minute decision to leave Jin and Jungkook hiding near the door she had come through.

Levi had not liked the idea of Nanami going in alone. All of the boys had also expressed their disagreement with the idea but the thought of those two getting caught with her was not something Nanami needed taking over her thoughts while trying to crack a safe. She had quickly decided she had made the best decision when she had, had to jump into the ventilation system to dodge the security only three minutes into the building.

The building was quiet and Nanami reviled in the fact that she had never gone in to bust a safe alone. Usually it was a bad idea for the person doing the cracking to not have a partner. She had to admit she was a bit worried but she had no choice but to put her faith in Levi’s abilities to keep her informed of all of the security.

The vents were dusty and she cursed under her breath about how black clothes and dust never went well together. This only got her a smartass remark from Jin about keeping her lips shut and he would help her get the dust off personally after they got back home safe. After calling him dirty and listening to the others complaining about them needed a private line for dirty talk Nanami grew extra quiet.

Nanami looked down through the vent door down at the security room. No one was in there and after a check with Levi she decided they were far enough away for her to reach in and attach the device Levi needed to override the computers. The vent door opened with a loud pop and she cringed wondering why they never cleaned these damn things.

Nanami gently let herself down and landed on the floor with almost no noise. After a quick look around and an adjustment of her mask and hoodie she moved to put the USB into the computer port. Within moments Levi announced she was in and Nanami moved to jump back into the vent. She had to make her way up two more flights of stairs and decided to head for the elevator shaft.


Ten minutes later Nanami had shimmied her way up the elevator shaft and made it easily into the large office that held the safe she needed. “Noona, are you okay? Are you sure you don’t want us to come up there with you.”

Nanami smiled to herself. From trying to turn her over to Adam so he can get her away from them to constantly worrying about her. If she had to name anyone who had changed more in the last couple of months, it would have had to be little Jungkook.

“Don’t worry Kookie. This might be your first go but it’s not my first rodeo. I have been doing this for years already. You two just stay down there and be ready to carry the bags for me when I get back.”

“Okay Noona.” She smiled just imagining the pout Jungkook had to have plastered on his face.

As she pulled her equipment out of her bag she started to sing The Baddest Female by CL. This got her a couple of chuckles and she smirked. “Oh? You guys can actually still laugh?” She pulled out her headphones and clicked her tongue. “And here I thought you had all been frozen from fear.”

“Shut up and get to work.” There was no mistaking the worried voice attached to the order.

“Oh Jin, have a little faith in me. I will be fine just breath. You can always go home and just wait in bed for me.” She didn’t have to see his face to know he was blushing wildly.

“Noona.” She couldn’t help but laugh at the young one’s whine. “Can you not do that over the Bluetooth when I am listening.”

“Awe want to join Kookie?” Jin quickly scolded her and told her she needed to behave herself when the young ones were around. She laughed even harder and agreed to keep the sexual innuendos to a minimum when Jungkook and the other little ones were around.

She pulled her headphone up and took a deep breath. “Okay boys and girl. I need complete silence for the next two minutes.” She popped on her headphones and placed the metal suction cup like device on the safe. Biting her lip, she started to turn the safe lock. This safe was far more difficult to crack than the one she had cracked quickly back in the states. One minute turned into two and she moved to spin the wheel that would unlock the door. CLANK. “Shit” She breathed and shook her head. “Levi this one is a bitch. I might need a few more minutes, keep me posted on SP.” She moved back to start over again.

“What is SP?” Jimin asked Levi curiously.

“Security Positions. Since she is in there alone and wearing her headphones she won’t be able to hear them if they come near the room. Make sure you keep an eye on those monitors and let me know if any of them are even on the same floor she is on.” Levi looked at the screen worriedly. Nanami had never done anything as reckless as going in alone and even though she wanted to say she understood it, her heart was still racing too quickly with anticipation. She couldn’t let the boys know she was this worried though, Jin and Jungkook would rush in there and get her into trouble if she even mentioned the fact that she was uneasy.

Minutes later Nanami cursed again and Levi couldn’t keep the look of worry off of her face. “Levi are you ok?” She looked up at Yoongi who looked at her emotionlessly.

“She has never had this many problems getting into a safe before.” Levi blew out her cheeks then tightened her jaw. Cracking her knuckles, she started to dig through the company’s files. There had to be a reason that Nanami was having such a hard time.

“Ah! Found it.”

“Found what?” Yoongi looked over her shoulder.

She pointed at the screen and pushed the button to talk over the Bluetooth. “Mi, they switched out the safe since we got our intel. They are using the five combination instead of the three.”

They all heard Nanami laugh and a slap on skin that they only guessed was her hitting her own forehead. “Why didn’t I think of that. Thanks Levi.” Again Nanami grew quiet and within less than a minute they heard a triumphant voice ring through the system. “Levi love, we are in.” All the boys almost cheered until Levi reminded them that they were only half way through this job.

Around four minutes later Nanami announced that she had filled the bags and was about to head back down. Everyone grew quiet knowing that moving back through the building with the filled bags would be harder than it had been for her on the way up. Everyone held their breath until Nanami’s cheerful voice came back over the earpieces. “Hey Lev, code green.”

Jimin and Yoongi watched Levi’s eyes grow round and she shook her head before giving the guys the order to meet her back at the van. It had taken a moment and some persuasion for her to get Jungkook and Jin to come back to the van but after an order from Nanami they listened. Levi jumped up before the four made it back into the van and poked her head through the door to give Namjoon some instructions.

Levi sat back down in the chair her face showing no emotion as the boys filed back into the van. As soon as Jin was in and seated she banged on the roof and Namjoon hit the gas causing all of the boys to almost fall over.

A look of panic crossed Jin’s face and he looked up at Levi in disbelief. “Wait! What about Nanami!” He looked for a moment like he was contemplating jumping out of the back of the van but Hoseok and Taehyung grabbed him. “Levi! What about Nanami!” He had started to yell in panic.

“Hey pretty boy, don’t underestimate me.” That was all he heard before an ear splitting screech caused all of them to pull out their ear pieces.

“What the hell was that?” Jin demanded. “What is code green, and why are we leaving without her?”

Levi turned towards the boys her face just as panicked as their own. “Code green means get everyone outside of the building the hell out of here. The loud screeching was her breaking the earpiece and us leaving her was her own damn orders. Something went wrong and there was no way she could make it out without triggering the alarms. She made me promise to get you all out of there if that was to happen. Nanami didn’t want any of us getting caught if she did.”

Okay okay so this chapter was longer than I had thought it was going to so I broke it into two. I will be posting the next part in just a minute so please in enjoy!!

As always thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

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