KPOP QUIZ: What Big Bang MADE MV Are You?

Time to find out what Big Bang MADE music video you are!

Answer all 5 questions below and see your results :D


Make sure you answer all 5 before scrolling down!


You're always living in your head and second guessing your decisions. You're quiet, sensitive, and romantic.

Your life is a party. You're loud, proud, and all about having a good time. You're the star of the show, always.

You have never and will never fit in, and you're fine with that. You're one of a kind and 100% unique.

You're a total dreamer. Your creativity is all over the place and you find that its hard for you to sit still when you have an idea.

You just want to be happy. You're all about spending time loving yourself, your friends, and having an awesome time.

Which did you get!?

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