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Hey guys it's been awhile and I am sorries ~~~ I know I was supposed to put out like 3 to 4 chapters of the new story Room(soul)Mate by now but I haven't ~~ * Hides in corner* don't kill me pwease I have been busy with KMSeoul and working on new choreo for our auditions that's supposed to be coming up soon. New videos are going to be released soon also so I've been crazily editing , making costumes, and teaching/making choreo for the team. I promise ( don't take my word for it XD) to try to upload a chapter sometime today or this week. I already have written a few chapters but I haven't gotten around to editing it and typing it. So it's a long process for me to do stories and I just don't have time for it because of work. I hope you guys understand~ I love you guys

Don't worry Jackson I will get back to your story soon~~~ also comment if you want to be tagged ! @luna1171@DeniseiaGardner@SaraHanna@KoreanDramaMaMa@UnnieCakesAli@VeronicaArtino@LenaBlackRose@PrettieeEmm@merryjayne13@Ercurrent@JasminMartinez@tiffany1922

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