Descendents of the Sun OST 🌄🎶

CHEN x Punch - Everytime ♡

I mean can we just take a moment to listen and watch these OSTs!! They're amazing!! Warning: If you haven't watched up to episode 9 I advice you to not watch until the end because yeah it might spoil it for you all!

K.Will - Talk Love ♡

Gummy - You Are My Everything ♡

Mad Clown x Kim Na Young - Once Again ♡

This one is personally my favorite not just because I'm a big fan of Mad Clown, but also because I don't just like the first leads, I love the second leads too, actually I like all the couples that are forming! :D

Bonus Picture ♡

These are just some of my favorite songs from the OST. :)

By the way, this violin cover from my boyfriend Jun is amazing. Jk He's not my boyfriend (I wish) -_-. He's my YouTuber crush. One sided love. Haha I'm lame! :P

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