[Teaser] Led apple (레드애플) _ Bad boys (feat. 강예빈)

There seems to be a trend to have the word 'Bad' caved in the song title to somehow: Lee Hyori's Bad Girl, CL's Baddest Female, E-San's Bad Girl and now, LedApple with their upcoming single Bad Boys! Though I love all of them, I must say it is a very uncreative way of naming the songs. It is not necessary to shout 'Bad' in the title to convey the message. The song lyrics and MVs could and should be the ones doing the job. And in fact, LedApple's teaser does the job pretty well - it gets me excited for both the song and the drama that is unfolding in the MV. Anyway, I'm sorry for sounding like a bitter fangirl. And don't get me wrong, I love the song from what I hear and will definitely support them ^^ p.s: Love their colorful outfits!

Chasing my happiness in Seoul <3 p.s: I know how to spell happiness!
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