Finally got Press It {{Taemin Thursday}}

So, I was walking to check the mail, and Shinee's "View" started playing. Foreshadowing! I finally got Press It in the mail! :D I preordered it from Korea, and it felt like it took foreeeeeeever to get here. The box was a bit banged up, but it made it safely. :) wanna see? Of course you do! That's why you're here! :P

Oooo...we all know what that is!


Poster! :D

Inside. The silver writing says: Every lyric and every song resonates with my thoughts and emotions that inspired me to record this album. It was a grueling process at times, but one that was necessary and inevitable. Ultimately pushing me to dig deeper within myself. That is why I can call this one my most personal album to date. My heart-felt gratitude goes out to everyone involved in the making of this album and I hope all who listen will understand what this means to me. My journey continues on with all of you along with me.

Side 1 of the card I got. <3

Back of the card. I can't read it, but I'm pretty sure that it says that he worked on Press It to confess his feelings for me. Keepo

Absolute trash for SHINee. Taemin and Taeyong UB. Monsta X creepin' up on me, though.
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