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I've been diving into a lot of new music especially KHH & KR&B. If you need some new music this is what I've been listening to lately.

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The next artist is HANHAE. I found his music through someone I follow on tumblr and I came across his MV for the song 내가 이래 (I use to) and I fell in love with it. It's a song I can relate to also. That's another reason why I loved it. I honestly think that HANHAE is worth listening to!

Jay Bum Park. He's not exactly new to me and I'll be seeing him in about two weeks actually ! But he came out with a new song called 사실은(the truth is) It's a really, REALLY cute song and I fell in love with the MV. Not the typical Jay Park MV but I'm happy with it anyway really creative.

This man. Oh this man. I love him and this song. It's pretty amazing and I really have nothing else to say. It speaks for itself.

Last but not least My husband. Bang Yongguk. His solo songs he releases on soundcloud are really my life. I absolutely love them. But my ultimate favorite has to be "X" (yes that's the actual art work for it) His deep voice makes the song even better. And the lyrics 😍! He doesn't currently have an MV for this and it's kind of a good thing because if it had one idk how it would be 😳. You know due to the lyrics.

"The heavy weight carried on two shoulders Nobody would know how scary the mask I wear is" "Every night I spend my lonely nights with bad thoughts No one needs to hold me so I shut my mouth tight With a glass of soju I anesthetize the sadness in the end its all one thingMy fans hold my two hands and hold me so I wont fall

But thats a wrap. I hope you found some new artists you may not have known of or just some new music ! MY TAGS:@ChelestiEdwars@Lizzeh@meeshell@Baekyeol27@XtinaHsing@ThePinkPrincess@Kieuseru@AnnahiZaragoza@aishaaakp@SunnaWalo@SarahVanDorm@NerukaWong@emilyanpham14@kyokeo@gauhuaYang@exokpop12385@adetoro@YaehyungV@armystarlight@kpopandkimchi@julissaMartinez@jasminewilliams@kyky97@christianliu@babrajan1@yeseniaf@krin@skyrollins@btsgotshinee@xsandos17@xxygxx@3secondsofhope@mayracastro@seventeenbias @ryannkayla@elinwyatt @nell03@mandynoona@amandamuska@alittlejoy@saraortiz2002@exobts947@kpopgaby@johnevans@creetheotaku@sarangseoitang@xojuliettexox@clovershadows@vixenvivi @Elena166@DevonArce@Annahizaragoza@AshleyAndino@valerie816@Sharong@amandamuska@Kyokeo@JasmineWilliams@AlittleJoy@VKookie47@shannonl5@SunnaWalo@staceyholley@Baekyeol27@xXYGXx@krin@thePinkPrincess@dancingdazzler@exokpop12385@kellyOConner@jessicaschnpike@kpopdeluxegirl@katmejia@amandamuska@emilypeacock@dawanamason@shellyvargas@ivyheart13@maddiedo@karolinatrevino@sarahvondorn@malihaahmed@falselove@Eliortiz13@KrystaDaricek@valerie816 @justcallmekyki @tracylynnn@krystadaricek@eliortiz13@mercii@ilikehisface123@bnrenchilada@carolinacastane @CrystalGuerra@Sammyjuicoooo@KaylaStokes @Jessicalista@SierraBecerra@dchapple45@MsLoyalHeart@ilikepancakes@mindeji@jessivacheung97@alliepiecul@terenailyn@jaznasquez22@ivyheart13@lashonda0917 @swarrier16@Maddie27@toppdogg@clstap1@BAbrajan1@JessikaLuna@maddiedo@amandamuska@KendraReeve@Keniaaxox@Beckah1327@Kyokeo@jjrockstar@xojuliettexox @KendraReeve@Keniaaxox@karinajune1017 @tinathellama@rosajlm2@RavenQueen0810@JayDay@KeziahWright@LenaBlackRose @taehyungv@MelinaHernandez@jessicacheung97@Journ505@queenlele@DxstinyNicolx @KeylaMoreno@GamerKyumin@myaisnotsexy@MadAndrea@PatriciaS@KaeliShearer@reyestiny93@DxstinyNicolx@Sammyjuicoooo@maddiedo@reyestiny93@DxstinyNicolx@Sammyjuicoooo@maddiedo@DinaEXO@PizzaPanda19@EmilyPeacock@cutiecookie@Journ505 @zzzdonk@tinathellama@MsLoyalHeart@CarlaAcosta@UnnieCakesAli@DeannaWalker@Valerie816@KaeliShearer@CindyHolguin @EniorehFrancois

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