House of cards part 2

Summary: Love just isn't meant to last in this game of cards, especially when you and Jungkook are enemies Genre: Gang/Mafia + angst( contains mature content)

You stood next to the bar in the noisy party, beadily eyeing the partygoers and wanting nothing more than to just return home to your bed. The dress you had been stuffed into was too tight, too form-fitting for your own good. It was a black floor length gown, a long slit running up one side to show your leg (but not before stopping just below your thigh and therefore concealing the strap tied around your upper leg that held a hand knife), with long sleeves, and an opened back that exposed your bare skin. It wasnt your favourite thing to wear on a mission but you had no choice unless you didnt want to fit in. Jin had left you only minutes ago to survey the party but you both had the same objective that night. Your father had heard word that Yoongi would be there, somewhere, and ever since Yoongis father had died, everyone was after the Min organization. Despite Yoongi now being in charge, no one seemed to see him as a fit leader and wanted the organization all to themselves. It was a game of finders keepers and your father wanted to make sure that he was the first one to reach Min Yoongi. That was why you had been interrogating the man earlier on in the day a man who had once worked for the Mins before abandoning them to work for this Keres. Keres was a whole other story. Keres was a tough man, a ruthless leader, a maniac killer that everyone feared, worshiped, or hated but someone that everyone knew. However, no one had seen Keres for quite some time, leaving him to be a silent but deadly killer. You had heard many stories about Keres and how he dealt with his victims and each tale was different, more gruesome than the last. He wasnt a man you wanted to meet but you had to give him credit that he seemed to have a hold on the world you worked in that no other leader seemed to have. You shook yourself from your thoughts when you saw a man slide into the opened space in front of you, wearing a black suit and a plain black mask that covered his eyes. Hey there, sweetheart, he said, his voice making you look up at him. What do you say I buy you a drink? You had to contain the sigh that wanted to oh so badly leave your lips and turned your head away from him. How about you leave me alone? The man chuckled, clearly amused rather than offended by your tone of voice. He reached out to brush the curled hair away from your shoulder and neck, letting his fingers brush lightly against your skin. You frowned, turning back to him with every bone in your body aching to punch him square in the face. Just before you could even try to react, someone else was grabbing onto his arm and shoving it away. At first, you thought it was Jin but when you looked at the new man, he was very unfamiliar to you. He was taller than the one who had been talking to you, with shaggy black hair that was parted in the middle of his forehead. Shes with me, The taller man said. So how about you beat it? He threw a glare at the other man who grumbled something under his breath before scurrying off and leaving you alone. When you looked up at the other boy beside you, your eyes fell first upon his chocolate eyes that peered out at you from beneath his mask. You couldnt quite put your finger on it or why his gaze gave you a vague sense of comfort and familiarity. In the next second, you looked away from him. I could have handled him, You said. The boy scoffed under his breath but still slid into the spot in front of you, leaning over to order a drink from the bartender. A thank you would have sufficed, he said as the bartender gave him his drink. He turned to look at you, his eyes flickering down your body slowly as he took a sip from his drink. Though, I dont doubt the fact that you know how to handle yourself. The prettiest girls are always the most lethal. For a moment you thought he could see the knife you had hidden under the skirt of your dress and, instinctively, you reached down to tug at the bottom of your dress in an attempt to hide it further. When you looked back up at the boy, he was smirking down at you. Is that so? You mused. The boy nodded. And, of course, I couldnt help but notice you from across the room. You might be the most beautiful woman Ive seen all night, if not my whole life. A tiny laugh slipped passed your lips and you quirked an eyebrow, tilting your head to the side as you looked at him. Do you do this often? Try and chat up women? The boy shook his head, a ghost of a smile dancing on his lips. Im serious. I think youre quite beautiful. And Im serious, You said, watching as the boy took another sip from his drink. How often does this work for you? The boy chuckled. Oh, youre breaking my heart here. What did I say? Beautiful but lethal. Do you enjoy breaking hearts? I bet you do. You stifled the grin on your face because, although he was truthfully making you smile, you had heard useless flirting from other men before and you despised hearing it each time that happened. This boy, however, was something different. Maybe it was his smile or eyes, the way he talked and carried himself with such confidence, that made you warm up to him. Whatever the case, you were no fool and you knew when to keep your distance and be weary of people especially strangers. You never did know who you could trust exactly. Are you waiting for anyone? The boy asked suddenly. You looked around the room almost instinctively but you werent necessarily looking for anyone. Maybe Jin? You knew you had a job to do and that silly flirting boys shouldnt get in the way. You wondered what Jin would do if he saw you talking to this boy but Jin was nowhere to be seen and you didnt mind talking to the boy. Depends why youre asking, You finally replied, quirking an eyebrow as you stared at him. The boy shrugged sheepishly and took a sip of his drink. No reason, he said. I just wouldnt mind getting to know you a little bit more. We could walk around and talk. What do you say? Your eyes flickered up to the boys and you fell silent for a moment, surveying him closely. In theory, being the person that you were in that certain type of business should have made you suspicious or weary for wanting to follow after a random man a random man who could easily kill you if you werent paying attention to his smaller movements and intentions. Basically, you couldnt trust anyone who wasnt a part of your own organization and, yet, you seemed to trust this man even just slightly which was why youd nod your head yes and smile. I wouldnt mind that, You said. Lead the way. A triumphant smile would form on the boys face and then he was taking another gulp of his drink before placing it onto the bar and taking a step forward. As you turned away to gather your clutch that lay on the bar countertop beside you, you heard a loud ruckus followed by the sound of shattering glasses and a man apologizing profusely. You turned around just in time to see one man had bumped into a waiter, both of which laying haphazardly on the ground in a pool of shattered crystal glass and champagne. Gasps emitted from the guests standing around them, some of them moving forward to help, and you opened your mouth to speak when the boy was placing his hand on the small of your back and guiding you away. Maybe we should hurry out of here, he suggested. The bar is the perfect place to meet more drunk rich assholes.

You stifled a smirk as you looked up at the boy who was guiding you away. Behind the two of you, you noticed the host of the party a middle-aged man with hair already turning grey who always wore a diamond encrusted gold ring on his left hand pinky finger push his way through the crowd in a frantic attempt to find the source of the ruckus with two bodyguards trailing along behind him. He looked anything but happy at the sight but you didnt get to see the fate of the waiter or what happened next as you were turning away to be guided through the party. What do you do? You asked. Hmm? Your job, You said. What do you do? There was a pause, short and quick that would have gone unnoticed by anyone else but you, before he was speaking up again. My father is a stockbroker so I guess you could say he brought me into the business. You quirked an eyebrow, pursing your lips to hide your disbelieving chuckles. I dont believe you. And whys that? You called the people here, and I quote, rich assholes, You said. If you were just like them, you wouldnt be blatantly mocking them in front of me, another guest. The boy laughed, something light and airy and familiar. You sure do know how to read people very easily. Tell me, what do you think that man does for a living? You looked up to see him pointing in one direction at an older man standing of to the side. He was dressed in what, at first glance, would look like a well-tailored suit but upon closer inspection you could see some of the seams already coming apart, not to mention the way his fingers seemed to twitch nervously as he looked around the room. Hes a lawyer, You said, and one who has, without a doubt, a strong gambling addiction. Some sort of addiction at that, anyway, which has made him lose nearly all his money but at least hes still trying to look presentable. And see that lady over there? You were gesturing off to a middle-aged woman in a dark blue gown, a sparkling wedding band on her left hand as she flirted with another man despite you having just seen her with whom you assumed was her husband (because of his own wedding ring and the way he seemed to lovingly plant a kiss on her forehead before leaving her to converse with friends). A house wife who feeds off her naïve husbands money but has had multiple affairs, You said. I suspect the man shes with now isnt even her first husband. The boy examined the lady and then looked back down at you. So youre that good, huh? That or Im just very good at bullshitting and you are very gullible, You admitted, making him burst out into laughter. Okay, so, he said, what about you, princess? Are you married to a wealthy lawyer? Do you feed off of your husbands money? No, I dont think so. If you were just like them, you would have easily believed me when I told you what I did for a living. Well, I dont know if I can tell you just yet, You mused thoughtfully. But keep talking and maybe Ill see. Ah, a woman with a secret, he hummed, amused. Has anyone ever told you that youre very intriguing? Dare I say, alluring? You couldnt help but laugh, the sound sweet and delicate to the boy as it rang in his ears and made him smile warmly down at you. You looked at him over your shoulder and flashed him a wide grin. You have no idea, babe. You couldnt quite recall how long you had been conversing with the boy but, during that time, neither one of you introduced yourselves to the other. He brought you around the room until you were standing near one of the grand doors that led outside to the busy courtyard. You had suggested plenty of times on going out to escape the hectic party but the boy seemed keen on staying inside. You didnt question him which, in hind sight, maybe you should have, but he was far too interesting to simply ignore or walk away from. You may had only met that night and had only been talking for less than an hour but he was a boy you wouldnt have minded getting closer to. He made you laugh real genuine laughs, made you smile from ear-to-ear, made you forget, momentarily, who you really were and what your job really was. At one point, as you both swept your way through the room, you heard yet another loud commotion from behind you and looked around to see the lady from before adorned in a dark blue gown. Only this time, she was standing off to the side as her husband tackled the man she had been flirting with earlier, a delicate hand clasped around her gaping mouth and her wedding band sparkling under the light. The crowd parted as the two men began fumbling against one another, shouting profanities at each other that made other pompous guests look at them in disgust and then turn their heads away with their noses in the air. It was much to their relief, then, that two guards would come sprinting forward to stop the brawl, with the same older man and host of the party following in suit. You noticed the man looked tired and very angry as the guards brought the two men to their feet and reasonably so. You had never attended a pretentious party with as many chaotic interruptions as this one. Usually, they were full of snobby guests discussing their summers on their yachts and not fighting one another or having waiters break their expensive champagne glasses. Well, The boy said thoughtfully, I suppose you were right after all. You giggled and shrugged sheepishly but before you could reply back, a loud and shrill drill sounded throughout the party as the sprinklers went off causing everyone to erupt into havoc. Whats going on? You asked. The boys face was instantly painted with worry and, for a moment, he hardly heard you. His head snapped down in your direction, his eyebrows knitting together. I dont know, he said. But you should get out of here quickly. You barely registered what he said over the loud alarm and the guests screaming in fear but then you saw him slipping away from you and into the crowd. You quickly jumped forward, grabbing onto his hand to stop him from moving. Where are you going? You asked. The boy, however, was staring elsewhere. To, uh, find my friend! Dont worry, Ill be fine! Ill meet up with you outside, okay? But if there was anything the boy had learned about you during that night was that you were good at lying and detecting lies. You looked at him in disbelief as he slipped out of your grasp and disappeared into the crowd but not before a flash of light around his neck caught your eye. Popping out of his buttoned up collar and black tie was a thin silver chain, the end of which carried two metal military tags that looked too familiar. You didnt have any time to contemplate why or where you had seen it before because then Jin was sneaking up behind you and grabbing onto your arm, quickly ushering you out of the mansion and away from the party and the mysterious boy.

The heist Hoseok was supposed to pull off had gone so smoothly, so perfectly thus far, that it should have made him suspicious. After all, something always had to go wrong. He honestly thought that it would have been Taehyung or Jungkook that messed up and blew their whole cover but the two boys seemed to prove themselves useful. Well, Jungkook did, at least, even if Taehyung snappily remarked how the younger boy had been too busy flirting all night with some sleaze and was too busy to pay attention to his work. Hoseok, however, didnt listen to Taehyung. Whether Jungkook was flirting with a girl or not, he was at least still doing his job and had told Hoseok angrily, after having a moment to himself away from the girl, that he was able to distract the rich asshole (as they had all so graciously decided to dub him) by getting a waiter to trip and fall and break everything in his way and by getting a married man into a fist fight with another man that his wife had been flirting with. Taehyung, on the other hand, had made himself busy by doing what he did best which was, for lack of better words, being a shit. He had cockily informed the guards that there was a thief walking around the party stealing peoples belongings and had pointed them in the direction of a man who wore a long trench coat. The guards had, therefore, been less keen on guarding the stairs thoroughly and were more concerned with finding this suspected thief without knowing that Taehyung was the thief. The guys back at the organization were able to bring down the security system on the top floor and it had made Hoseoks job even easier. He only had to move fast and he did just that, blending into the shadows just in case and slipping easily past the few guards that patrolled the halls by knocking them unconscious and stuffing them into a closet. Hoseok already knew where he was headed since they had mapped out the mansion weeks in advance for this very moment and found the safe in which the diamond was nestled in rather easily which was concealed in a hidden compartment of a drawer in the rich assholes study. As soon as Hoseok had took hold of the diamond, a triumphant smile formed on his face but then he heard the click of a barrel on a gun and his head snapped behind him to see the snarky looking fiery headed man. Hoseoks smile instantly dropped and he knew that this man would be the bump in the seemingly smooth heist that he had been pulling off so far. Park Jimin stared back at Hoseok with a sly grin, his hand gripping firmly the pistol with its barrel pointed inches away from Hoseoks face. What are you doing here? Hoseok snapped. Well, its nice to see you, too, Hobi, Jimin mocked. If you really want to skip the catching up, then I guess well just jump right to it. Hoseok frowned. He heard the crackling of the earpiece he wore as Taehyungs voice cut in. Who the hell is there? he asked but Hoseok purposely ignored him I gotta say, Jimin said, you still got it, huh? You easily slipped passed the guards without one problem but I guess you were too stupid to notice me following you. Its been nice sitting back and watching as you do all the hard work but Im afraid youre going to have to pass up that diamond to me. Hoseok looked at the man incredulously. His eyes flickered quickly to the grandfather clock in the room only to see that they had two minutes before the alarm systems went back on and before everything went haywire if Hoseok didnt leave the upper floor in that very moment. Im not giving you this, you crazy bastard, Hoseok said. God damn it, Hoseok, answer me! Taehyung growled. Who are you talking to? Jungkook, we gotta go- somethings up- There wasnt a choice, Jimin said. Its either: give me that diamond or I kill you and take it from you. Sorry, but bosss orders. So, how about we try that again? One minute. Well, you can tell your boss to fuck off, Hoseok spat. Wrong move, Jimin said. But youve always been persistent, havent you? I guess you leave me no choice. Jimin cocked the gun in his hand, aiming it at Hoseoks chest. He was prepared to dodge it, to fight Jimin out of the study and out of the upper floor, when Jimin was moving his hand and aiming the gun down at Hoseoks thigh. The loud bang pierced the air and Hoseok grunted out in agony but tried to stifle his cry even as his leg crippled underneath him. He smashed into the desk beside him, the diamond popping out of his hand with such ease that it made him cry out once more. It landed on the hardwood floor and rolled away from Hoseok who desperately tried to reach out for it only to cry out in pain once more when he felt Jimin stomp on his wounded thigh. Jimin swooped down to pick up the diamond and held it up in the light, inspecting the way it shined. This was almost too easy, Jimin laughed maniacally, shoving the diamond in his pocket. Tell Jeon I said hi, yeah? He said it so mockingly that it made Hoseok boil with anger. He clambered to his feet quickly as Jimin spun on his heel and bounded out of the room where he would so briskly rush down the stairs and blend easily in with the others as the shrill alarm went off. Hoseok would have gone after Jimin and the diamond but he knew his chances of getting the diamond back were slim and there was no way he was risking slipping out into the halls where the cameras were now back on. Either way, when Hoseok heard the alarm go off as Jimin ran off with the precious diamond, he couldnt resist the urge to roar in anger, the hysteric sound blending in with the ear-piercing loud alarm as he was left humiliated and enraged. He would sneak out through the window of the study and struggle to climb down where he would meet up with Taehyung and Jungkook and the three would try searching for Jimin but the orange haired boy had disappeared into the night altogether.

You shivered as you walked down the desolate and dark street, wrapping your coat tighter around your body. It had been a few days since you had gone to the party and you had never found the masked boy after evacuating with the other guests. It wasnt like Jin even let you linger around for him and so he swept you away and you tried not to complain because, realistically, a relationship with anyone outside of the organization would fail in disaster. What you werent aware of was that the boy you had been talking to was a Jeon, the same boy you had rescued and helped nearly ten years ago. And how could you possibly remember when the event had happened a decade ago when you were just a small child? Not to mention you had gone through too much (the reasoning behind the scar being the main factor) that erased your mind of most of the things you had endured as a child. Jin, however, had remembered it all and he had almost hoped the Jeon boy had died after he had helped him escape the night your father found out. Jin just didnt want you to ever talk to the boy again not with the way you seemed to warm and kind to him because Jin knew that that would only lead in disaster, too. You took a left suddenly, skipping over a puddle in your way and picking up your speed as you, instinctively, brought yourself closer and closer to where you craved to be most. It was a bad habit, you knew, but you couldnt really care when you had done so many other terrible things already. What was one more bad thing going to do to your conscious? IU had, as usual, kept your whereabouts hidden from everyone, including your father and Jin, but you werent stupid enough to actually tell her where you were going just that youd be back early in the morning. As you rounded the corner of the street and finally came across the building, you held your head a bit higher and tried walking with more certainty and confidence. You didnt want to deal with the stingy men that lingered around the outside of the club but they usually always left you alone except for maybe side-eyeing you up and down as you walked passed them. From the outside, you could already hear the thump of bass and, as soon as you entered inside, the noise only grew louder. You were instantly hit with a thick cloud of stale smoke and cheap liquor and let your eyes sweep over the club just once. It was always busy here as men slinked out of their shadows in the dead of night to come in search of some fun, gawking up at the women that danced for them either naked or scantily dressed. The club itself was run by a group of men, a whole other gang and organization, that dealt with shady underground business. Even if it was portrayed as a typical strip club, they sold the offer of sex for high prices and hidden deep in a room of the club. You werent quite sure how the club had been able to stay up and running all this time but you knew you shouldnt question the inner workings of gangs. As your eyes gazed around the club, your stare settled on the upstairs landing where a man a few years older than you had been standing. He was leaning over the railing of the landing, gazing down at the club that you knew belonged to him, with a bored expression on his face. You had seen him often before and he was always staring down at you, watching you with hooded eyes. He had a chiselled face with high cheekbones and sleek almond-shaped eyes. His copper brown hair was parted in a way that showed off his features and the multiple piercings on his ears. From what you gathered, he was a reserved man who showed little to no emotions but there was still a certain type of attractiveness to him that you couldnt forget. Well, well, well! The voice burst through your thoughts and you looked around to see another man, slightly older than you, with light blonde hair. He was sitting by the bar when you walked in and instantly pushed himself to his feet. Its been a while, gorgeous, The man said. You here for the usual? Of course, I dont know what that is because you never tell anyone but he says its okay so- Jackson! The mans head snapped up and looked over his shoulder at yet another man who was approaching the two of you. Upon closer inspection, you saw that the man was a younger boy (perhaps more of your age) with thin long legs. Boss wants to see you, The boy said, his eyes hardly scanning over you. Jackson sighed but nodded and thankfully left you alone. You made your way through the club and up the stairs, careful to watch as Jackson and the other man with copper hair disappeared into a room together. You let out a sigh of relief and began your trek to your usual room, ignoring the sounds that emitted through the thin doors and walls of other rooms where the workers there were with clients. You opened the door of your usual room at the far end of the hallway and shrugged off your coat before tossing it to the one lone chair in the room. The room itself was dingy with peeling wallpaper and only an old rickety bed but it would suffice. A pair of arms slid around your waist almost instantly and a mouth pressed against the delicate skin of your neck making a soft moan escape your lips. Your hands instantly wound in the mans orange hair, pulling him closer to you. Oh, thank god youre here, Jimin mumbled, his lips brushing against your neck. Ive been waiting forever. You smiled as the man continued to ravish your neck and then he was pushing you back until you had landed on the bed with a bounce. This had happened often maybe even far too many times than youd like to admit. You couldnt remember where you had met Jimin (maybe at yet another pretentious party?) or why you two had taken such a liking for one another but you could count all the times you had snuck off with him for some intimate moments alone. You knew little about Jimins personal life or who he really worked for since he preferred to keep the business aspect out of your nights together and you never questioned it because being with Jimin seemed to help you relax in ways you never thought possible and you knew for a fact that you needed all the help you could get. The club wasnt necessarily the greatest place to do it but it was safe (safer than any motel you had tried to stay at before) as Jimin claimed he knew the owner of the club and that hed provide a safe enough hide out for the two of you. You trusted Jimin of course, maybe even more than you should have. Did you love him? That, you werent quite sure of, but the both of you clearly clarified that what you two had was only for fun. That didnt mean you didnt at least care about him. So, when you were both done exploring one another in the cramped bedroom, youd lay side by side and cuddled up close to his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. It was nice to just sit back and relax, take a moment for yourself, in the hectic buzz that was your life. Its nice, isnt it? You hummed, your fingers tracing patterns on his bare chest. This? Jimin nodded, smiling down at you. I just wished we didnt have to hide away in a strip club to be together, You said. One day we wont have to, Jimin said. One day Ill be rich enough to buy us a damn yacht to fuck on. How about that? You laughed and shook your head at him, playfully flicking his chest. You pushed yourself up and over so that you were straddling his waist under the blankets and leaned down to connect your lips to his jawline. Jimin let out a breath of air, shutting his eyes as he felt you work against his skin. I wonder what its like to be like all those big bosses, Jimin said. To be at the top, never having to work for anyone. You hummed in response, moving your lips down to kiss his neck. Like Keres, Jimin said. I wonder what its like to be him. The mention of Keress name made you bite down on Jimins neck because, for some reason, the mention of the phantoms name enraged you. Fuck, Y/N, Jimin hissed at the pain. Watch it. Oh, please, like you havent done it to me? You snapped, pushing yourself up to sit back on his lap. His hands rested on your waist as he gazed up at you and the lovebites that dotted your chest and neck. And would you stop mentioning Keres? Im so tired of hearing his name. You clambered off of his lap and got to your feet to start searching for your clothes. You heard the bed rustling behind you as Jimin got up to get changed as well. How could you be tired of hearing about Keres? Jimin asked. The man is elusive. Hes a legend. Hes a fairy tale, You said bitterly, pulling on your jeans and then your shirt. No ones seen him for years. Someone as powerful as him couldnt have just given in so easily, Jimin said. I think hes still out there, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. You rolled your eyes, slipping on your shoes and then plopping back down on to the bed. Whatever you say, Jimin. I just think- You were cut off suddenly by something soft covering your mouth and nose, the potent sweet smell instant taking up all your senses. When you looked up, you saw Jimin standing over you and holding a rag to your face. Your eyes widened in shock and your heart skipped a beat in your chest as you opened your mouth to speak but only heard muffled screams. You tried thrashing out to push Jimin off of you but the anesthetic was already taking its toll on your body and Jimin hushed you softly. You felt your eyes grow drowsy and your heart rate itself slowed down until you were fighting to keep your eyes opened. Im really sorry about this, babe, Jimin apologized sincerely as you started swaying away from him and your grip on his arm loosened. You landed back on the bed with a soft bounce and Jimin knelt beside you, pushing your hair out of your eyes. He planted a sweet kiss on your forehead just before the drug took full effect and murmured, But you know what this business is like. And then the darkness consumed you whole.

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