From Your Lips to God's Ears (Ch. 2)

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Chapter 2

It took longer than she’d expected to set up her new home, and by the time she was ready to head out, it was already dark. She shook her head slightly, and looked around, pulling out her phone before going to sit beside her phone, typing in a search for delivery, and choosing a nearby chicken place. She waited, nearly impatient for the call from downstairs, fiddling with her wallet, pulling out the coins and bills, looking at them and pulling out what she’d need. As much as she was waiting, she jumped when the buzzer sounded, and she answered, depressing the button on the wall, and speaking into the grating of holes that served as a speaker and microphone. Her impatience was quickly turning into nervousness as she ran through what she’d say to the person who delivered the chicken. Polite options, easy options, awkward “hey I’m a tourist” options. She felt herself gasp slightly as the doorbell chimed, causing her to stand quickly, moving to the door, and opening it to stare momentarily at the delivery person. Taking the box with a bow, she offered the money with a smile and a thank you, watching them leave quickly. That was less stressful than she’d built it up to be. She opened the package and smiled, carefully putting the food on a plate, and eating the chicken, still hot. Slowly telling herself to wait, she stood, wandering around for a moment before sitting back down, actually impatient, since she hadn’t eaten anything since the crappy meal offered on the plane. Satisfied a while later, she wrapped the rest of the food carefully, and put it away, humming to herself happily as she moved in the kitchen. She needed to sleep now, since she’d missed the opportunity to explore tonight, tomorrow would be a full day.

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