“Come Closer to Me, I`m Only Dangerous to Your Soul” by Lumina H.

“Come Closer to Me, I’m Only Dangerous to Your Soul” by Lumina H. You smashed, tore, knifed, punched, kicked and shot me in every can You, made me bleed, break, faint, cry, die, shout, scream in excruciating agony in every way you can You are the symbol of pain, sorrow, regret, mistakes, suicide, tears, loneliness, darkness and tragedy, in every way you are. And one day I made it clear; I want revenge, and I want it bad Your very face makes me shatter into a million pieces of glass And I need to rid you from my life. I hate you, in every imaginable way. So my most hated number one, hear me out Here is how I will play my revenge, a plan smarter than Shakespeare’s plays. I will make you fall in love with me, as I did for you And when you are just as crazy about me as I was for you, then here is when I will start the play. When you can't live without me When I become the reason of your existence When you are mad about possessing me as your own. That’s when I will leave this world So that you know what it’s like to live without the One Whom you desire more than you love your own life So that I can finally payback the torment you caused me. So my lover, come closer to me, I’m only dangerous to your soul All I want is to revenge you, my lover So that you too, can feel what it feels like To live without your all.

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