I can't deal with this anymore!!!!


(Gif is how I was when I saw them) Well I failed hardcore!! I blew it....I have fallen into yet ANOTHER group.... Aish Sam, why can't you do anything right?!?!? Oh, you Gummyz want to know the culprits??

TO double P, DO double G....

Yes...you read that right Topp Dogg! Curse you ChoNunMigookSaram and my friend (who is partly to blame!!!) Theu reeled me in good... I practically know all of them....all the names of the ten members, the past three members and could put names to faces (well I still am having trouble telling Xero and Hojoon apart)!!! ...Yeah Sam fell hard.... As of right now I have only heard their title songs and their cover songs..... Dude...I am scared but I NEED to know more of them (first will have to listen to all of their songs) I can't quite call myself a ToppKlass because I have some difficulties at this moment with their voices (its pretty difficult but I could point out MOST of the members when they are singing/rapping) and I can't remember their real names..... Wow! Let me take a few moments to talk about the members and what I feel about them.....

First up is P-Goon....the leader of this very WILD group....but wow he sings really great and I love how he seems to look younger as they go through each comeback! What is this sorcery???? He really has nice features....he looks VERY kind! Next is Sangdo....can I just say it??? His EARS ARE THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!! ......That's how I was able to memorize his face...... another great vocal in this group! On their covers it really looks like they do know English.... (I love the members pronunciation of the words) Third is Jenissi....dude! His rapping voice!!! It's such a UNIQUE voice that he has....it's so different from his speaking voice and I think he MAY just be a bias in this group.....also he can't fool me! I know that he is such a cute button!!! Fourth is Nakta....I knew I recognized this boy!! He was a Jellyfish trainee that came out in Mydol!!!! I am glad that he was able to debut....I was saddened that he wasn't chosen for Vixx but where he is now seems like a good place.....I never noticed how tall he was because obviously Vixx and the others are TALL!! I love his singing voice....its nice ^~^ Fifth is Hansol.....fudging KIM HANSOL!!! He is not good for my health....I really think that he got me, its done he is probably my main bias.....that face of his....that voice....the English....his cute love (obsession) with B-joo.....this boy has got me good.....I thought for SURE B-joo or A-tom were going to be my main bias..... (I follow him on every social media he has T~T) Also he is totally my style....I just can't with him....that smile he has it looks soo dangerous....like evil.......(couldn't help adding more pics of him)

Sixth is B-joo....he is pretty much everything I love but I guess this button wasn't enough to win over Hansol.... I still love him because duh....he is beautiful and weird....his voice is to die for! He looks like a girl......his dancing is amazing (I love the Wizard line).... Seventh is A-tom....I just want to say poor kid, always getting the weird hairstyles....but he is weird as well and no matter how much he tried he couldn't win Hansol.....his rapping is great but he really needs normal hair for a change..... Eight is Yano....oh this cute maknae....I memorized his round baby face and mad rapping skills....this is just wow! For the maknae this is amazing (how many rappers does this group have....four?) His personality is the cutest but I could see that he tries not to be so much the cute maknae but we all know that he is!!! Ninth is Xero...the last rapper but also vocal....sorry that I get you and Hojoon confused.....I just need a LITTLE more time looking at your face and everything will fall nicely into place....obviously in a group this big there is trouble in distributing lines so I wish he had just a bit more parts....but rapping is great guys! Last but not least is Hojoon....the most dorkiest I have seen.....talk about different personas heh....I wish he also sang more he has a nice voice but I get why he is not a main vocal....I need something to tell him and Xero apart (they ALMOST look alike)

There you go! I do know all about them....for the most part.....although their sub units are kind of confusing..... The past members I know more of Kidoh because of Bts....it was bound to happen....sad to hear he is not in this group anymore Gohn and Seogoong (although technically not him) have SUCH AMAZING voices....in this world where there are amazing singers all around....they really have soulful voices....again sad to hear they left I was actually surprised to hear that Minpyo from BIG was in this group (sub unit) and also Jiwon who was from MrMr (a great band btw) who is currently in UnderDogg and they may debut wow..... But yeah....this is what I think of Topp Dogg!!! EDIT:4/6/16 So now that I am pretty much a TopKlass....I have two biases. The thing is that one is the literal ray of light while the other one is hellbent on destroying me with his mere presence. So my number one is Jenissi....ah I couldn't help it he is just soooo cute and squishy.....it took me a while to realize I had fallen for him. Like does that ever happen to you guys where you already have a bias but you don't know it....you think its another but in reality its not. See that's what happened with my two biases....the second is Hansol....I THOUGHT he was my first but I realized that he really wasn't....sorry Hansol...Jenissi got to me first! Well bye....heh


Bye Gummyz (maybe I ship Hanjoo....) @Destiny1419@RihannaTiaMay@Krin@Christianliu@Kieuseru@Herreravanessa9@CreeTheOtaku@KellyOConnor@Amberg171997@TiffanyBibian@Saraortiz2002@Emealia@MadAndrea@LilySilver@ArmyofKookie@MorganElisabeth@Kpopandkimchi@Sarangseoltang@Karlythepanda66@Nenegrint14@mightmuffin@Ercurrent@EWillsea@jojojordy2324@MelissaGarza@ninjamidori@musicmofo@Eliortiz13@toitlepark@TracyLynn@MsLoyalHeart@summerblack2@IsoldaPazo@imiebegay14@amobigbang@Lexxcisco

Proud K-pop loving Californian girl!! Major fan of Bts and VIXX!! Ask away...heh I am very fun once you get to know me, I would love to make friends on here! Send me a message if you are interested ^-^
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