Dare: Favorite Marvel Movie



Now maybe it's because it's the most recent, or maybe it's because I'm a cynical weirdo who loves sarcasm and 4th wall (or 16th wall) poking/shattering, but I'm gonna go with good ol' Deadpool! I've been waiting for this movie since I first discovered D-Piddy (if you're unfamiliar, you should YouTube him! He's a cosplayer who wreaks havoc at conventions, usually as Deadpool, but he's also done stuff as Kakashi [1000 YEARS OF DEATH!] and a Titan and other stuff) and started learning about Deadpool. One of my favorite deaducational videos is ScrewAttack's death battle between Deadpool and Deathstroke (included above). I was so psyched when the movie was announced, and as things progressed with news updates, my anticipation only grew!


Onto my review! Let's just say I was not disappointed! I saw it shortly before it was released (cuz apparently my college campus theater can do that), and I laughed my ass off the entire time - well, almost the entire time; there were some serious parts, which are necessary in my opinion, and I think there was a nice balance in that respect! It's also one of those that's worth multiple views because there are lots of easter eggs to miss! You could complain about the relatively unnecessary romantic subplot (they thought they had to try to appeal to women lol), but I think it was executed in such a way that it didn't detract from the rest of the movie. All in all, I give it 4.9 stars, simply because I would have liked them to incorporate some inner dialogue, but I think they did a really good job without making it seem like they were trying too hard!


You've been dared!

So here are the rules:

+If you were tagged in this card it means you've been dared.

+Repost with your favorite character

+Tag 5 more people

+Begin world domination

I don't really know that many people too well, but here goes: I dare@AcaciaNguyen,@redapple615,@BlackoutZJ,@CreeTheOtaku, and@fairydemon15 (I know that last one's not in the Marvel community, but I know you're a fan :p)

Thanks for lending me your brains for this card! *dramatic bow*

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