New Uncharted CG Trailer Boils My Blood

And it only makes my blood boil because I'm tired of waiting for this game to come out. The moment we got a month away from release, it ended up getting another delay. And I swear, I swear to Businessman Monthly (my favorite magazine) that I'll throw a table through a window if it gets pushed back again.

I get it Drake, you want to know if it's all worth it. But my body is aching. My mind is ready. I just want to know what you've been doing since the end of the third Uncharted game. I miss you, man. Come on already. I'm pretty sure the question we're all asking ourselves now is if it's worth it to wait for your game to finally come out.

I'm getting sick and tired of sitting on my thumbs here, man. I want to go on an adventure with you after all this time. Maybe if the initial release date was May 10th, I wouldn't be as achey and complainy but that's not the case, is it Uncharted?

... Sorry, sorry. I know I'm a little pissy. But I've been going through a lot lately. My latest issue of Businessman Monthly hasn't come in and I don't know what kind of office chair to buy for my new desk.

i did all that i could.
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