Anime review: Your lie in April/Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Hey guys! So I haven't done any anime reviews in a while thought I could start doing them but then came the piles of homework.(I never finished half the homework)So I'll start doing them again! For this anime review I've got Your lie in April, also known for its Japanese name Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. So I'll start with the review it'll be just like the others I've done.

So Your lie in April is about four middle school students, two of them musicians the other two play sports at their school. The main character Kousei Arima has known Tsubaki (his next door neighbor and friend) practically their whole lives. Tsubaki introduces Kousei to her friend Kaori who plays the violin. When Kousei was just a little kid he played piano yet when he was preforming he discovered he could no longer hear the notes while he was playing piano. So what does Kaori have to say about this she gets Kousei to start playing again! The only problem is that she's gets very sick and can't play with him anymore. Now if you watch it then you'll know what happens after this. Not gonna spoil anything for you guys tho.

Alright so next I'll do characters!! I call dibs on Kousei and Watari!!!

Kousei Arima Detail:He loves egg sandwiches!! Now kinda weird detail but just so you know he eats them a lot so don't be all like what's he eating???

Kaori Miyazono Detail:she changed instruments just so she could play with Kousei.

Watari Ryōta Detail:plays soccer like a fucking lot

Tsubaki Sawabe Detail:also plays softball to fucking much

This show isn't just about Kaori and Kousei preforming every five minutes; trust me a lot happens other than that a lot of feels as well.

Soooo what's the relationship between the four 9th graders? I'll tell you! Watari has a crush on Kaori, Kaori has a little crush on Kousei, Kousei has a big crush on Kaori, and Tsubaki has a crush on Kousei. Confused? Just think about it and you'll get it.

Ok so a little background on these three! Kousei is always sad worried and depressed. Tsubaki can be mean yet she's nice to her friends and the people she loves. Watari is well weird you can't call him a perv or a ladies man, he's kinda just in the middle.

Alright so that's it for this anime review!! I'll probably do Fairy tail next! Bye guys!!

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