Hannah Montana Premiered 10 Years Ago Today!

Hello my fellow Vinglers, today we get to celebrate another cool anniversary!

10 years ago today, Hannah Montana first graced the air!

While I was never too big on the show, I got to hear about it firsthand a lot through my college roommate, who also was a DJ for Disney. I wasn't hip to the show, but he used to tell me about Miley. Outside of Hillary Duff (who he said, despite her stardom, was incredibly easy to work with) Miley was the biggest thing since sliced bread during that era.

The show focused on Miley living a double life as a school girl by day and famous recording artist by night. How many kids could relate to the show? Of the Millions that watched.. maybe a dozen, but they still loved it.

Watching the footage above and couple clips from the show, it's crazy to think that Miley is only 23 years old. It feels like she's been around forever and she has. Every move she makes is under the microscope. Outside of Beiber, is there another young person we have watched as much as her?

While I doubt Miley will ever go back to doing a television show again, she may branch out into movies. Until then, enjoy a couple episodes of Hannah Montana!

Christian is a member of the SNICK generation who misses the days of Pete and Pete and is a loyal advocate of backpack rap.
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