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I made a small whimpering noise in the back of my throat just quiet enough that she didn't notice or she didn't care. SoHwe stood up straight then walked out of my office with sass in every step. Since I am BTS' assistant I might as well start doing my job now. I walked to their practice room then knocked on the door waiting for someone to open it for me. For a minute, no one answered the door so I opened it myself. I saw the boys dancing in the center of the room to Fun Boys and a few staff members were watching them from the side. I walked in and closed the door silently then stood against the door until the song finished.

"Namjoon! You've finally got the part down!" The choreographer clapped then the others followed. They continued to tell them what they needed to fix and telling them how good they were doing. Sometime later, Yoongi noticed me against the door.

"Ah, Y/N!" Yoongi broke away from the group which made them all look at me. "When did you get here?"

"Um, a few minutes ago." I stepped forward towards the others.

"Hyung, can we go for lunch now?" One of the staff members nodded then walked out the door with the rest of the staff. "We're very hungry after practicing." Yoongi threw an arm over my shoulder and the other over Jimin's.

"Let's go eat at some food stalls." Jin said excitedly and I noticed that he was bouncing slightly.

"Yah! Let's go around the streets and buy food!" Hoseok yelled.

"Aya, grab your wallets, we're going to need money if we're buying food." Namjoon grabbed his things and walked towards the door.

"Yeheheh...wait for me! Taehyung, let's go!" Jungkook grabbed Taehyung's wrist and pulled him out the door with him following Namjoon. The rest of us ran out the door following them excitedly.

"Let's go down there, there's a lot of food stalls down there." Jimin skipped down the street and the other maknaes plus Hoseok followed. We reached the end of the street and looked at the food stalls that were on either side of us.

"Ddeokggochi!" Jungkook and Taehyung ran off to get ddeokggochi for themselves and left the six of us for ourselves.

"Yah! Taehyung! Jungkook!" Jin yelled after them and they turned around with smiles on their faces. "Meet us in the park in an hour!" Jungkook yelled something back to him and continued with Taehyung to get their food. "If you see something you like, go with someone and get it and meet up at the park in and hour."

"Yah!" Then we went off with someone. Me and Yoongi, Jin and Namjoon, and Jimin and Hoseok.

"Y/N! Let's get that!" Yoongi pointed to a stall a bit away from us. Without my consent he started to pull me towards the stall. I smelled the food coming from the stall soon enough and also heard Yoongi cheer with delight when the food was in sight. "Sausages!" I looked at the back of his head in confusion then looked at the stall.

"Hello there!" The worker said cheerfully. "Two? One for your girlfriend and one for you?"

"Yes, but she's not my girlfriend. Can I have one with the spicy sauce and one with the syrup?" Yoongi pulled out his wallet to pay.

"Not dating?" The worker picked up the sausages on sticks and put them in special cones. "I'm sorry. It just seemed like you two were dating since you're holding each others hands." We looked down at our hands then released each others hands instantly. The worker took Yoongi's money and gave it to his partner. "Here you two go, eat well!" He handed us each our sausages then watched us leave.

"Thank you!" We both called back to him. I took a bite of mine then followed closely behind Yoongi.

"Take a bite." Yoongi held his sausage to me without looking at me.


"Take a bite." I took a small bite of his then sighed.

"Yours is the spicy one, isn't it?" Yoongi nodded

"Let me have a bite of yours, it also looks delicious." I held mine up to him then he took a bite. "That one is also very good." I nodded then ate what was left of it and Yoongi did the same. "Let's get a drink." Yoongi grabbed my hand and pulled me into a convenience store nearby. We each got a drink, paid then left still holding hands.

"It's almost been an hour. Should we start towards the park?" I said in between sips.

"Let's finish our drinks first, then we'll go." I nodded and sat beside him on a bench. A few minutes later we both finished our drinks then started walking towards the park.

"Wait." Yoongi stood at an intersection not moving. "What park are we supposed to go to?"

"I'm going to assume the nearest park. There's only two parks nearby, so he could have meant either one of them." He nodded and started walking to one of the two nearest parks. We walked for almost fifteen minutes to get to the park but didn't see anyone. "We'll maybe they're just enjoying their food for now. We're early anyways."

"Hoseok is usually early though. We'll wait for ten minutes then go to the other park." Yoongi sat on the ground and sighed.

"Or we could call them." I sat beside him and watched his face light up.

"Why did I not think of that?!" He pulled his phone out of his pocket and called Jin. "Hyung, which park did you say to meet at? Okay, we'll be there." He hung up the call then turned to me. "Just our luck, he meant the other park." He stood up then held his hands out for me. I took them and stood up and followed him out of the park.

"Yoongi, we have five minutes. The park is about ten minutes away by walking. Will we get yelled at?"

"Here." Yoongi pulled me down a street and looked around almost frantic. "We're taking a shortcut and there should be another street down here that leads almost directly to the park." I sped up my pace and held tight to Yoongi's hand.

"Yoongi..." I slowed down to my normal walking pace and slowed Yoongi down with me.

"What? We need to hurry if we want make it in time. Why'd you slow down." He turned to me with a worried expression. I pointed my finger to a group of guys leaning against a wall and one of them spray painting the wall. "Oh." He held my hand tighter. "Don't make eye contact with them and don't say anything to them even if they say something to you." I nodded and continued to walk forward beside Yoongi.

As we passed by the group of guys I heard one of them whisper something to one of the others. I gave them a quick glance, avoiding eye contact at all costs. I noticed that there were about eight guys, tattooed and pierced in many places. We were about to safely pass them until,

"You there!" One of them yelled and Yoongi and I flinched. "Pretty girl, you should dump that guy and come with us." I didn't turn around and continued walking. "Ignoring us? Heh, well, how about I offer both of you something?" Then they started to follow us as we walked. "You boy, let us have your girl for the night and you'll never hear from us again. Deal?" I sucked in a breath and sped up a bit more.

"I don't think she can hear us." One of the others said behind us. Then he jumped out from behind and landed in front of us. "Hey, I think she would like this one. You know how she like pretty boys. Plus this girl is really pretty, I think that she's a keeper." Yoongi started pulling me towards the crosswalk as they started to surround us.

The one in front of me reached his hand out towards me. "I'd like this one. It's my turn anyways." He came closer to the point I could smell the smoke in his breath as he caressed my face. "It's my call, so you're perfect. You'll come with us to have a, won't you?" Yoongi smacked his hand away from my face then scowled at him. "Hm, that hurt."

"Don't touch her." Yoongi grumbled.

"Oh, all I wanted was some fun." The man put his hands up and lifted his chin up. "If you're going to ruin my fun then I might have to take her forcefully if we can't do this easily. You'll have to watch as we have fun if you don't comply. Now, what's your choice?" The other guys opened part of their circle towards a dark alley.

"Y/N." Yoongi tugged at my arm. "Follow my lead then when you get the chance, run." I nodded slightly then looked down at our intertwined hands. "We have somewhere important to be right now!" Yoongi said to the group.

"Tch. You can skip whatever it is." The man stepped forward and so did the others. Yoongi then punched the man's face and the surrounding ones until there was an opening to the street. I started to run with Yoongi in tow until the man stood back up holding his jaw. "That. Really. Hurt." He heaved. "Get. Them." The circle closed in and we were grabbed by their hands and pulled down to the ground. "Put them out, but alive so they can witness the fun." The rest nodded and started to hit us. I kept a strong hold of Yoongi's hand until I blacked out.

New chapter for making you wait for so long. Happy Easter everyone even though it's two days away. The next chapter will be super interesting, I promise. If you have any suggestions, they are greatly appreciated and I like hearing what you all like or would like about the story. Meaning that I also like feedback from you all. Plus I know that you all are probably confused about a few things about the story, so go ahead and ask. I guess that's it for now, so, bye~

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