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"InJa, do you know what the fans will say about a staff worker like us dating an idol?" I said.

"Oh yeah, I should probably wait until later. I understand that there might be hundreds of thousands of fans screaming for him, but, agh." She fell backwards sprawled out on the floor covering fer face. "I suppose it's okay to dream for now." She sat up then pulled her phone out. "In high school, I dated someone who is now an idol."

"Why'd you break up with him?"

"He actually broke up with me. All he said to me was that he had to break up because he was being forced to. The day after he broke up with me, he wasn't at school and he didn't come back. A few months later, I saw that there was a newly debuted boy group and he was part of it. In the months before we broke up, he was around less often. I figured out later that it was because of training but I wish he could have just told me instead of just leaving me." She showed me her phone screen.

"I'm guessing that that's your ex. He seems familiar."

"I'm sure you've seen him before." She giggled. "That's Kim Ryeowook of Super Junior. We dated for over a year until we broke up." I smiled and looked at how much Ryeowook had changed since around 2003. "Ugh. I have to go to a meeting now. I'll see ya later, okay?"

"Okay." I waved at her back as she left. Not even a minute later the door opened back up and I saw Jin standing there. "Jin?"

"Y/N, we're going for lunch now. Are you coming with us?" I nodded and Jin pulled me up from my chair and to the front of the building. "Where are we eating at today?"

"Let's go to a cafe. I'm tired so a cafe will be good." Yoongi said to Jin.

"Let's go then!" Taehyung skipped down the street with Hoseok.

"How do you have enough energy to be running around like that?" Namjoon yelled at them. Sometime later we reached the cafe.

"Hello!" The barista welcomed us as we walked in. We sat at a table and ordered our food.

"After this we should get ice cream!" Taehyung cheered.

"Right after we eat?" Jungkook said surprised and Taehyung nodded. "Hyungs, can we?"

"I guess so, but if you throw up during practice because of eating too much or something, don't blame me." Jin leaned back in his chair as the food was served to us. We ate our food and some of each others food. After we ate, we paid for the food then left.

"Should we stop at a convenience store or should we go to an actual ice cream shop?" Yoongi said as we walked.

"Let's go to the ice cream shop! They have really good ice cream!" Taehyung spun around as he was walking. We agreed and walked to the little ice cream shop. We each ordered our ice cream and sat outside on a two benches. I finished my ice cream first then went to get wipes for our sticky hands from the dripping ice cream in a convenience store nearby. When I came out I saw a man dressed nicely talking to the boys. I slowly walked over to them and the man.

"H-hello, do you know them?" I asked him. He looked down at me with a stony face.

"No, we don't know him." Jin said to me. "He was just asking us about modeling for his company since we're so popular."

"I think you'll have to talk to our manager about us modeling. We'd love to, it's just that our manager has to sign a bunch of papers and stuff." Namjoon said to the man with a serious expression.

"I see, well then, I will talk to your manager about you all modeling. I will look forward to it." The man turned around and looked at me up and down. "You, I don't believe that you are affiliated with any company right now. How would you like to be a model for my company's new product?" I shook my head. "I suppose it's because you don't know what the product is. It's formal wear, dresses, skirts, dress suits, and things like that." I shook my head again.

"Sir!" A woman about 20 years old ran up from behind and stopped beside him. "Have you found anyone?" The man shook his head. "That girl looks perfect for the role! That man there," she pointed to Jin "he looks so handsome that even his face with our company name could up the sales! Would you two please come with me to discuss this opportunity."

"Um, they've already said no to me. I don't think that you'll be able to convince them any more than I can." The man said to the woman's back.

"You have no confidence in me, do you? Our company needs people like them anyways." She continued to walk on until she realized that we weren't following her.

"Don't worry, this will only take fifteen minutes at the most." Jin followed behind cautiously and tugged at my wrist. We followed her to a little cafe type place and sat at a corner table.

"I know that this seems weird, but let's play along like we're actually serious for now." Jin whispered to me as the woman pulled a purse-sized computer from her bag. The woman started to talk seriously about the modeling opportunity and even talked about how much we would get paid. Like the woman said, she finished up at right about fifteen minutes about modeling. We said that she could contact BTS' manager to schedule the modeling but we couldn't accept it without his consent. The woman left the cafe and walked back down the street from where we came. Jin and I also left shortly after her and walked back to the others.

There was a pretty long walk back to the others but we took our time. Then a gang of guys came from somewhere and tied cloth tightly around our mouths and tied our hands behind our backs. We were led down an alley where two other people waited with cloth bags and more rope. The bags were placed over our heads and I heard the roar of a car engine and we were led into the back of what I assumed was a van. We were sat down on the floor of the van as it sped off down the streets.

Two people near me started talking. "They can't know about it."

"Okay, so what do we do?"

"Knock 'em out, stupid."

"Yeah, but I can't do it without majorly hurting them."

"Then I will."

"I don't want to hear their screams."

"Their mouths are covered."

"Fine. Fine. Just do it." I heard shuffling nearby and heard something hit something


"The guy is out, next is the girl." As I thought, the guy put Jin out and I was next. Next thing I knew, a hard stick hit me in the back of the head and I fell forward, unconscious.

End of chapter 8! Dramatic? Yep. How is everyone liking the story? I'm liking it (even though I'm the writer). If you're new to the story, read each member's parts in order. i.e. Jin C5, Jin C6, Jin C7, Jin C8, Hoseok C5, Hoseok C6, etc. As usual, if you have any questions or feedback or suggestions, go ahead and leave them in the comments or even private message me. As of now, I haven't gotten any suggestions, even though it's a little early for a bunch of random things. I do have a few things planned but not many. Congrats, you've made it this far. Comment who's part is your favorite. Righty, that's it for now. Bye~

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