16 Fast Food Chains Where You Can Score Student Discounts


I could go to the gym...or eat more pizza. Pizza.

Fast food is the American Way especially if you're a college student. From the local restaurants you fumble into after a night at the bars or the random Wednesday night where you order an extra large pizza only for yourself...your bank account begins to suffer. Though most college kids complain about the prices of everything, they still can find enough pennies to pay for their Chipotle burrito. But most importantly, any student discount can help.

Below is a comprised list of 16 fast food restaurants that give you a discount if you flash your valid student ID:

*DISCLAIMER: Every student discount varies by location. Not all locations provide these discounts to students even with a valid student ID.*

1. Pizza Hut:

2. Arby's:

3. Chipotle:

4. Chick-Fil-A:

5. Waffle House:

6. Subway:

7. Burger King:

8. Buffalo Wild Wings:

9. Dairy Queen:

10. McDonald's:

11. Papa Johns:

12. Qdoba:

13. TCBY:

14. Dunkin' Donuts:

15. Firehouse Subs:

16. Dominos Pizza:


That's it, I need to shove my face with fast food right now.

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