Throwback Time


Hey!~ how is everyone? I know i haven't posted anything like at all, I've been so busy with school and my internship BUT it's over now i graduated yesterday so the college life is over lol.

Anyway~ recently I've been listening to my ipod which has not been updated with new music since like 2013-2014? it's been too long lol but i have a kpop playlist on there and i always listen to it when I'm driving around. There is a song that I'm so in love with that's so old well there is actually a couple of them

These are some of my throwback favorites, do you guys have any old songs that are still your favorite to listen to even now?

I just realized all my throwbacks were mostly girl groups lol

Hello my name is Tae, and I'm a Korean addict😅 I've been an addict since '06
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