I'm with you

Ch. 15

You finally reach home, you're exhausted and starving you could eat a whole cow, Tae as well. Key opens the door.

"Hey, where have you been all day, I tried calling you but couldn't get ahold of you." Key explains as your walking through the door with Tae following behind. Key almost shut the door on Tae because he appeared to not notice him behind you which wasn't true, he knew Tae was there he just felt like shutting the door in his face, but he's not jealous or anything.

"I'm sorry can I just find some food I'm starving." You reply without thinking your body hurts from the hike. You hurt in muscles you didn't even know you had and were only focused on food and water.

"I made dinner. It's in the oven." Key replies. You and Tae run to the kitchen and you pull out the food and as Key walks into the kitchen he notices both Tae and you eating like savage beasts.

"You guys act like you haven't eaten in weeks. What the hell did you do today?" Key asks folding his arms across his chest.

"Hiking, I haven't been hiking in so long my body is screaming at me." You reply. Tae just keeps feeding his face, ignoring Key all together.

Key walks up behind you and places his hands on your shoulders and beings to rub them. You start to moan from his touch and the pressure he is giving your aching muscles.

"After you eat you need to take a hot bath okay." Key tells you before giving you a peck on the cheek.

"I'll get it ready for you." Key says and walks off towards the bathroom.

"I'm gonna get going, I'm sorry about today, it didn't go the way I had planned." Tae said, you just nod in response with a mouthful of food.

"I'll walk you out." You say after swallowing your food. Tae shakes his head and gets up.

"No Y/N it's okay just eat and take a bath. You stinky monkey." Tae says with a wink.

"I'm not a monkey, you alien." You reply back as you smile and wave goodbye. Key was standing in the hall way watching he comes back with a towel.

"You look beat; you want me to help bathe you?" your ears pick up at the sound of that. You nod your head in response and Key just laughs at you.

"What?" you ask as you and Key walk to the bathroom.

"Nothing sweetie, nothing." Key replies. You look at him confused. You get up and start walking towards the bathroom, Key follows behind you.

Key closes the door to the bathroom.

"Come here" Key says you walk to him and you wrap your arms around him. You stare into Key's eyes.

"Why are your eyes so beautiful Mr. Cat?" you ask, Key laughs at your nickname for him.

"Why are you in love with me?" Key asks, you look at him with a shocked face.

"You're the key to my locked heart." You reply, both of you start laughing at the cheesiness of your words. Key bends down to kiss you passionately wrapping his arms around your waist pulling you closer. That's what you loved about Key even though he was an idol he wasn't stuck up and knew how to laugh. His head wasn't inflated by the fame and he knew how to laugh, make jokes. You remembered what you fell in love with in the first place his beautiful personality and his beautiful kind heart.

Key pulls away and starts to strip your clothes off. Key takes your hand and walks you to the tub helping you get into it. You stick your foot in and the warmth from the water instantly relaxed your muscles as you sat down into the water. It smelled like lavender, so Key must have used your lavender bath bomb. You could fall asleep right now no problem, but didn't want to miss this time you had with Key.

"Are you going to join me?" you asked, Key just shakes his head.

"I'll wash your back for you though." Key replied. You give him a pouting face. Key just smiles and grabs the luffa. You lean forward exposing your back and Key dabs the luffa in the water and puts your favorite scented body wash on the luffa. He rubs it with his hands getting it all nice and foamy. Key starts from your neck and rubs down your back at a nice slow hard pace. He massages your back with the luffa you start moaning because the pressure feels so good to your aching cold muscles. You thought Key was going to stop at your back, but it turns out he was bathing all of you. He moves in front of you and washes your arms and chest moving slowly down to your stomach as you recline back in the tub closing your eyes. You feel Key grab your leg and massage it as well. Key continues with the other leg and all you can do is close your eyes and love the special treatment you were getting from your boyfriend.

"Rinse off I'm going to get your clothes." Key says as he stands up grabbing a towel to wipe off his hands. You open your eyes disappointed that it didn't get any further than that. You shrug it off and drain the tub. You standup and get out of the tub finding a towel on the counter for you. You wrap yourself up in it and sigh to yourself you so didn't want to get out of the tub, the water was so good but you looked at your hands and saw you were turning into a grape. Key walks back into the bathroom with your clothes.

Key walks up to you places his hands on your upper arms rubbing them drying you off, you watch his face carefully. You shove off your towel to expose your naked body and wrap your arms around Key's neck planting a passionate kiss to his beautiful lips. Key kisses you back wrapping his arms around you pulling you close. Now you can finally relax, your body releases all tension and you feel like your body could melt away like chocolate. Only Key made you melt, you remembered how Tae's kiss felt and even though it felt good and warm and you thought you were developing feelings more than friendship for Tae, nothing could compare to how Key made you feel in his arms. You knew then you didn't you couldn't be with anyone else.

"Hey we need to get your clothes on." Key says. You shake your head.

"I want you first." you reply then kiss down his neck slowly and nipping it lightly. This makes Key clear his throat and moan. You know how to turn him on with the slightest of touches and kisses down his neck.


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