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Missed the Beginning..? Part 1:

You watched as the color seemed to drain from Jungkooks face as he stared back at you. For a moment you thought he was going to pass out, but soon the color was returning full force. His fingers clenched into fists, jaw locking tightly. 3 hours..? He whispered, His mother had him for three hours each day? A-and the rest of the time he was with you? Jungkook jumped to his feet, pacing the tiny bathroom while he pulled at his hair. Looking away to smooth the lotion between Yujins toes, you could hear Jungkook pull out his phone and try to make a call. The familiar message of his fiancees voicemail played, angering him as he slammed the device onto the bathroom counter. He cursed loudly, fists slamming onto the counter as well, knocking over the phone. You and the baby flinched, both looking up at the livid man. Yujins hand gripped your forearm and he leaned forward to press his head against your chest as he eyed his father warily. You turned his face away from the sight of Jungkooks tense body. Tentatively, you slipped a diaper onto Yujin, arms wrapping around his tiny body to let him know you were there. He tightened his grip, rubbing his head into your shirt as Jungkooks labored breaths filled the small bathroom. Rubbing his back seemed to calm him and he yawned, clambering up to lay his head on your shoulder and wrap his arms around your neck. Jungkook looked over as you stood up, his unreadable gaze watching you step closer to him. The soft scent of baby lotion passed by his nose and Jungkooks tense body relaxed at the sight of his son rubbing his eyes sleepily. Catching the longing look you held Jungkooks son out to him, nudging the baby over to his father. The baby hesitated, a whine passing through his mouth as he tried to turn back to you. Go to your Appa. You coaxed gently. Yujin obediently turned, throwing his arms around his fathers neck. Appa loves you, Yujin. He whispered tenderly, Eommas going through a rough time and Appa wasnt there to help her, but she loves you too. She loves you so much and Appa loves you so much, do you know that? He had started to pace the bathroom again, softly telling his son how much he loved him as the baby drifted off to sleep. It was a heartfelt scene, you noted. Something that you felt you were intruding upon. It wasnt your place to watch such a delicate moment. Quietly, you exited the bathroom and carefully shut the door behind yourself. Jungkooks muffled voice drifted through the wooden door, so you kept walking until you couldnt hear his voice anymore. It wasnt right for you to intrude into someone elses family. In the end you ended up at the door to the master bedroom. Yujins mother had told you to sleep there whenever you stayed the night to watch the baby, but it seemed like Jungkook was spending the night in the apartment. Pinching at the sheets to straighten them up as bit as you headed to the linen closet, you pulled out two spare blankets. You turned out the room, shutting to door behind you and heading straight to the couch. The blankets were tossed onto the soft couch and you sank down into it, eyes burning. You knew Yujins mother was going through a tough time and you had tried to help as best you could, but you never thought she would abandon her son. It didnt make sense to you. Yujin was gift. A beautiful, precious gift and she was just going to leave him. Wiping at your eyes, you pressed the inside of your wrist against your nose, trying to calm yourself. She was going to come back. She had to. Yujin and Jungkook needed her. Yujin frowned, rubbing at his reddening eyes as he tried to stay awake. A whine passed through his lips as he angrily pressed his head against his fathers jaw and yawned. Jungkook rocked him, a bit unsure of why Yujin didnt just go to sleep. Why was he fighting it? His voice strained, brows knitting together as he whined, Eomma. Jungkook kissed his temple, mumbling, Appa will bring Eomma back, dont worry. His son whined louder, the begins of a cry starting as he flopped his head on Jungkooks shoulder in frustration and pointed to the doorway, Eomma. Following his tiny finger pointed towards the living room, Jungkooks eyes settled on you hunched over on the couch; face buried in your hands. He frowned, turning Yujin so he couldnt see you, Thats not Eomma. He corrected bitterly. Thats your noona. The first thing that had to go was Yujins incorrect title for you. You werent his mother. He already had a mother. You were just a sitter, nothing more. He suddenly turned, striding out that bathroom towards you, Youre not his mother. He spat out angrily, He has a mother, and its not you. Your head snapped up at the suddenly verbal assault, face a mix between shock and confusion. I..I know- If you know, then why the fuck are you letting him call you Eomma? Jungkook argued. You probably had something to do with his real mom leaving, didnt you? Decided youd be a better mom or are you trying to get closer to me? Ive put up with a lot of women trying to get close to me, but Ive got to say youre the lowest; tearing apart my family like that. He had just blurted the first things on his mind without, but once he had said it he really thought about it. That was possible source of his problem. His fiancee was always a bit sensitive to others opinions of her. It was very likely that you had planted into her that she was a terrible mother, to the point where she wanted out. I dont fucking need your help. Jungkook added, You probably started this in the first place. Why the hell else would you be willing to watch someone elses kid? You fucking creep. He pointed a finger at you, snapping rapidly as he motioned to the door, We dont need you. I dont need you poisoning my son with your damn lies anymore. Youve fucked up my family enough. You scrambled up, thoroughly confused. Jungkook had asked you to help and now he was blaming you? Yujin was oddly silent and you glanced at him, seeing the timid look in his eyes. He was afraid. You moved quicker, rushing towards the exit. The faster you left, the faster Jungkook would calm down and the faster Yujin would calm down. Jungkook watched you move towards the door, anger dissipating at the hurt look on your face. You hadnt responded to any of his accusations other than the stunned look. Before he could say anything else, you were gone, the door shutting softly behind you and he was alone with his son. Holding Yujin close, Jungkook softly apologized to his son and kissed him gently. Appas sorry, but hes going to make everything right. Just wait a bit. He headed to the coat rack, reaching for his and Yujins coat, Do you remember your uncles? Its been awhile, right? The guys had responded in similar fashions as to how he anticipated they would. For the most part though, they had given him his space. He was grieving in a way and they respected that. And although Jungkook had insisted that he was alright to go to the music bank, the rest of the member had said no and cancelled the event. To be honest, Jungkook was thankful. He wasnt sure how well hed be able to sing love songs when the love of his life has just left him. He had spent the day in his room, cross legged on his bed, watching Yujin crawl around. He found it odd that his son was just reaching 10 months and although he knew words like appa eomma no and bye and he knew to point to things he wanted, he had yet to walk. He didnt even seem to be interested in it; often whining when Jungkook helped him stand for longer than a few minutes. Namjoon had spent the day on his side of the room too, as a sort of silent reassurance. When Jungkook had off-handedly commented on Yujins lack of drive to walk, he had researched it a bit then turned into an odd philosophical account of the natural laziness of humans. He had only nodded in response, unsure of what else to do. To which Namjoon had laughed, muttering that it wasnt that uncommon for Yujin to not be able to walk yet. And that had put Jungkook at ease. Jin had checked up him multiple times, softly asking if Jungkook needed a break from the baby or if he wanted to eat or just talk. Each time Jungkook had thanked him, but declined every offer. That is, until Jin had randomly barged in with a bowl of food, frowning at Jungkook for neglecting to eat. To appease his hyung, he took the food, but most of it was given to Yujin in bits instead of actually being eaten by him. He wasnt in the mood to eat. At one point, Jimin had come in the room, settling on the edge of Jungkooks bed with a tentative smile, but the numb look Jungkook had given him had him quickly excusing himself and retreating to his own room. Jungkook so upset wasnt something Jimin was able to handle. In his stead, Jimin had asked Hoseok to try something. If there was anyone in the group who could cheer the others up when Jimin was unable to, it was Hoseok. However, similar to Jimin all Jungkook had to do was softly voice how much he missed his fiancee and Hoseok was storming from the room, cursing about how Jungkooks fiancee had better pray she never crossed Hoseoks path. He wasnt going to let her live down hurting his little brother so badly after everything he had done for her. It was through Yoongi and his direct questions that the guys had learned that Yujins mother left him with a sitter most of the time while she went off to who-knows-where. But that was the only question Jungkook could actually answer. All of Yoongis other questions like was she acting odd the last time you saw her?, how was she while she was pregnant?, did anything she say ever hint to this?, where did she spend all her time?, or did any of her family know about her behavior? were only met with shrugs. Jungkook truly didnt know. He thought she was happy. He thought she was content. He thought she was raising their son when he couldnt be there. After the onslaught of questions that he couldnt even answer was over, Jungkook felt exhausted. Yujin was curled up in his lap, gnawing at his fingers as Jungkook gently played with his soft hair. There was a deep set tiredness to his face, but Jungkook didnt feel sleepy. Who is his sitter? The low rumble of Taehyungs voice had caught Jungkook off guard and he cut his gaze to the second youngest member standing silently in the bedroom doorway. Namjoon even lifted his gaze up from his phone to study Taehyung. Jungkook reached for his phone, opening up his messages. On his way to the dorm after dismissing you, he had tried to call Yujins mother. Of course she hadnt answered, but that didnt stop him from leaving a voicemail about how he thought she was a wonderful and strong mother and that he had gotten rid of the sitter and if she just came back to him, theyd raised Yujin together. That if she came back, theyd be the family that both she and he wanted to be. Her only response to it had been a single text with your contact information and address and a curt message telling Jungkook that firing you was a mistake. Jungkook tossed his phone to Taehyung, his fiancees text open. Watching Taehyung stare down at the screen for a moment, Jungkook rubbed his eyes. After a minute or two, Tae was tossing the phone back and moving away from the room. The front door closed moments after, but Jungkook didnt really care much to ask anyone if they knew where Tae was going. For now, he focused his attention on Yujin, who still called for his eomma, but would push away Jungkooks phone whenever he showed him a photo of his actual mother. He was trying to break his sons habit of referring to you as eomma, but it seemed that it was ingrained. No matter what he said or did, Yujin wouldnt change it. What made it worse was that Yujin didnt even seem to miss his real mother. He could show him photo after photo of her either by herself or in Jungkooks arms and all Yujin would do when his father pointed to her face and murmured, eomma was shake his head, mumbling no and push the phone away. Jungkook hadnt gotten over the urge to cry over his fiancee and his son was crying over his babysitter. It angered him how attached he was to you and how apathetic he was towards the woman who gave birth to him. The topic of who Yujin considered his mother was something that Jungkook was startingt o regret bringing up. It seemed the moment the word eomma was spoken that Yujin was suddenly aware that the woman he called eomma was missing. So he called for her and when she didnt walk through the door to come to him he began to cry. And so he cried for her and all of Jungkooks consoling was for naught because Yujin wanted his mother and his mother wasnt there. And apparently his father wasnt enough. Desperately trying to shush his son to no avail, Jungkook was at his wits end. On the other side of the room, Namjoon looked up from his phone. Does he miss his mom that much? He asked softly. Holding Yujins stuffed animal out to him, Jungkook tiredly addressed Namjoons question. He calls his sitter eomma. He sighed,He misses his sitter, not his mother. Namjoon nodded, lowering his phone completely, Where is his sitter? He asked lightly,You look dead tired, wouldnt it be a good idea to have her watch him for a bit while you rest? Or the guys and I can look after him if you want. Jungkook shook his head, scratching at his scalp,I fired the sitter…Y/N was her name. I think..I think she might be part of the problem with Yujins mother. I dont know really, but it was just a thought and I ran with it and before I know it, Im blaming everything on her and telling her to get out. He rubbed his eyes,It makes sense, right hyung? For her to leave because the sitter made her feel inferior..? Y/N seemed too devoted to Yujin..I dont get it..why would she be so attached to someone elses kid and not have some ulterior motive? Thats a good point. Namjoon spoke, turning over his phone in his hand,That makes a lot of sense. Jungkook sighed in relief,Im glad it does..for a minute I wondered if I was being too paranoid. The other members had all come into Jungkook and Namjoons room curious as to why Yujin was crying and they had all been filled in on Yujins attachment to his sitter as well as Jungkooks theory about you. For the most part, it was widely accept by the members, the majority of them nodding adamantly. It was Taehyung, who had come back from where ever he had gone that had cleared his throat. Jungkooks eyes lifted to him as he pulled back his hood, softly refuting Jungkooks theory. I met her. He began. Taehyung licked his lips,When you said that Yujins mother left him with a sitter most of the time, I wanted to know who it was that was watching him…who was raising him. So I asked you who she was and I went out and met her. I didnt get to talk to her much because she was working, but I had lunch with her and I got to watch her while she worked. She wasnt trying to drive Yujins mother away. Taehyungs eyes drifted down to his teary eyed nephew burying his face in his fathers shirt. She was trying to get her to stay. Jungkook looked straight at him,What do you mean? Y/N works at a daycare. Tae mumbled,Shes not some creep after your son like you made her sound, she actually really likes kids. Thats how she met Yujin, his mom brought him there and was always late picking him up so she stayed after hours waiting for her to show up. Eventually she took her and Yujin out to eat and offered to personally babysit Yujin after daycare hours since his mom was having trouble picking him up on time and the daycare was threatening to kick him out. Taehyung rubbed his arm, slowly blinking, Thats when she said she saw something odd about the way Yujins mother cared for him..there was a disconnect between her and him and whenever she was present, Yujin naturally gravitated towards her instead of his mom. Kids loved attention and Y/N gave Yujin her full attention. Y/N stayed around in hopes of encouraging Yujins mom to be a little more involved, she wasnt trying to drive her away, Jungkookie…and what you accused her of really hurt her. Tae furrowed his brows,She took care of your son when you and his mother couldnt and you just cut her down like that. Jungkook looked away, unsure of how to respond. He never thought Tae would have gone out of his way to meet you, but now that he thought about it it seemed like something he would do. There was something about the way you carried yourself that had convinced Jungkook deep inside that you were genuine in your care and concern for Yujin and his fiancee. But if you were genuine then that meant his fiancee leaving was decided entirely by her on her free will and Jungkook didnt want to believe that. He didnt want to believe that she had been shirking her duties as a mother and just dropped out of their sons life entirely. So he had had no other option but to blame you. But now, Tae had met you. He had spoken with you and watched you and Taehyung was the best at reading people. If he said he trusted you, the it was no doubt that you were trustworthy. And Jungkooks heart ached remembering how often Taehyung had watched his fiancee and remarked, something about her is odd. Taehyung cleared his throat, disrupting Jungkooks thoughts. Y/N..she says children are gifts, precious gifts that should be cherished. She cant have kids of her own, but she wants every mother to know that their children are gifts; thats what she was trying to show your fiancee. Thats why she was so devoted to Yujin. She loves your fiancee and your son and she was trying to bring them closer and you accused her of tearing them apart. He frowned at the youngest member, disappointed apparent. You had told Taehyung of what Jungkook had said and after hearing of how much you had done for Jungkooks family, Tae couldnt believe how ungrateful his brother had been. If theres anyone to blame for Yujins mother leaving, its you.

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