Ditching school

An Xiumin fan fiction for his birthday. Hope you all enjoy this.

It was 12:15 on a Friday and you were not happy. There were a lot of test for you to study for that you forgot your own friends birthday today. You were about to eat lunch when Xiumin came over in a rush asking for help. You, always being there for him, panicked and asked what's wrong. He just told you to come with him quickly and to be really quite. You both make your ways out of the cafeteria and out to the school's parking lot. "Xiumin! What's going on?". "I'm kidnapping you" he says as he puts you in his car and drives off and out of school. "Wait we have to study and be at class before to bell rings." "Today's my birthday and I'm not happy that you forgot it. Now please act like your my hostage." You apologize while laughing at his cuteness. You really liked Xiumin but was always to shy to say anything even when you two were alone together. You try to summon up the courage but you still could not do it. Xiumin starts to head out of town with you freaking out."Where are we going and why are we leaving town?" "Well we wouldn't want to get caught right? So we are going to dot dot dot"." Where?" "Not saying or else it won't be a surprise. Right?" You were very curious but stayed quite. It was about 30 minutes before arriving at a small cute beach house. You remembered it because it was the place where you and Xiumin first meet.You get out of the car very excitedly and ran towards the water." Hey y/n! You should go get changed and meet me out here." 10 minutes later... You walk out and see him nowhere in sight. But secretly he comes up behind you with a back hug. You blush badly and hide your face in your hands but when you open your eyes you find yourself at a chair with an umbrella and some water beside you.Seeing Xiumin come out of the water kinda startled you but it also reminded you of that day. The one where you two first meet. One day in summer... Today's so boring. I wish I could swim but I'm to scared to learn. You say to yourself as you walk alone the shore. After about 15 minutes you deside to go on a small rock with a stick and start to mess with the water. Next thing you know a cute boy comes out of the water. He surprised you so much that you fell in. You called for help and tried really hard to swim hoping you might be able to at least stay afloat but you were to terrified so you went under and blacked out. You woke up in a bed but the where was not prosecuting. The boy came in and gave you some water and sat down next to you."Are you ok? My names Xiumin and your in my family's beach house. I saved you." He gave a very big cute smile that you didn't know what to say at first. "U-um my name is y-y/n. It's really n-nice to meet you and t-thanks for saving me." "Well you should watch out and be care full next time you go swimming. Ok?" "But I don't know how to swim though. Really I just Lost my balance and fell when..." You paused not wanting to say it was because of him. "Because of what?" "Nothing I just slipped. That's all." "Well if your hungry I will make us both a sandwich and if you want later I can teach you how to swim but don't worry I'll protect you if you fall in again." Present day.. "Hey Xiumin! We should eat something." Xiumin walks out of the water and comes towards you."What are you hungry for?" " A sandwich is fine." you say with a smile. "Trying to bring back memories? Ok a sandwich it is then but this time let's make it together." You both walk into the kitchen and start making a sandwich getting all the ingredients and stuff. After you were finished the sandwich was cut in half and shared. "Hey we've known each other for a long time so when we get back to town I was wondering for awhile if you would like to be my birthday present and go out with me? Please?" You were very happy and surprised that you tackled him and hugged him tightly. "Yes I would love to." Later that day you both swam and watched movies when it was bed time. You both layed right next to each other and held hands. "I love you" is what he said you rolled over and looked him in the eyes." I love you too". And with that he leaned in and gave you a sweet kiss on the lips and pulled you close to his chest where you both fell asleep.

Sorry if it's weird I kinda didn't know what to come up with but I tried my best. Hope you enjoy this.

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