First Date Memory: Downtown La Jolla, CA

I was looking through my old email account to retrieve some old files that I lost from my old computer and I found an email thread with pictures of all the dates I had with my husband. Yeah, I am one of those people who likes to document things in pictures for the sake of memory. I don't share them online so this is the first time the world is seeing this. I feel safe to put them here. Well, it's nothing much only some cute snaps of our first date at the heart of San Diego, Downtown La Jolla.

I think this is pretty cute.

He was actually the one who suggested Downtown La Jolla because the scenery is breath-taking and it's a pretty neat place to study. I brought my "chemistry" notes out and he was just chilling. It's college life guys. We sat by the grass with our picnic blanket and believe me this was way better than any cafe I studied at. It's free, cheap and the best whitenoise ever (sounds of the shore, birds chirping, scooters rolling and people jogging). After studying we strolled around a bit and found a cute gelato shop.

Gelateria Frizzante

It's located on the popular Prospect st between Ocean Ln & Girard Ave. A pretty neat place and the gelato there was delicious. My favorite is the blood orange flavor! We actually had dessert before eating lunch but we're glad we did because we would have never made it to dessert because this happened...

Lunch at thai restaurant.

We decided to have lunch at a popular thai restaurant by La Jolla Shores called "Spice & Thai" well things were really getting spicy. We had green curry, shrimp salad, and pad thai. First of all, the food wasn't that great and service was slow because it was during rush hour. I think we chose the wrong timing to eat but we're never going back because he had an allergy reaction right after we left the restaurant. The shrimp almost killed him. We were making a stop at a cupcake shop and while waiting for our order to come out I noticed a small red bump on his face. When I told him he started scratching his face and I told him not to do it because it will irritate his skin. I totally thought he was getting a pimple but he said it was super itchy. We realized this was an allergy reaction when his whole face including his lip became red and plumped! It was Saturday afternoon so most clinic were closed and we are no where near a hospital. I took him to a nearby pharmacy I spotted on our way to the shores to get help from the pharmacist. We told him the situation and he said gave us some allergy medicine. He felt a little better after the medicine. I know at this situation I wasn't suppose to be laughing but I couldn't help when a kid saw him and was weird out by his appearance. I was trying to hide my smile but I couldn't when he asked me "do I look that awful?" I couldn't hold it anymore. He saw his reflection in one of the building and the both of us laughed so hard our stomach was in pain. I went to the pharmacy again and purchase a mask for him. Once we got back to campus his allergy was gone. That was my first date (after making our relationship official). Despite the dramatic ending it was a nice first date. We don't live in San Diego anymore but we would like to go back there and visit our date location again and see how things changed. Anyone else had a dramatic first date experience?

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