JJCC IS BACKK YAYY , THEY ARE ACTUALLY IN MY TOP FAVORITES IDOL GROUPS BUT THEY ARE SO UNDERRATED which makes me soooo sad :( anyways I am glad they are back , please show them your love and support JJCC fightingg yayyyy. :) <3

So Prince Mak wasn't in last 2 combacks of JJCC thats because he is suffering from tymphinia , and it has gotten worse so please pray for him Everyone. He is the sweetest most cheerful member of the whole group. So to show his love and support and how much he actually missed being in the MV he made this video of all JJCC songs with all fans awww he is sooo cutte nd I completely love this JJCC and Prince Mak fightingg we are definitely waiting for you and praying for you

Prince is actually not doing soo welll he is really sweet definitely one of my top favorites Lets all pray for his Quick Recovery Fightinggg Prince Mak Please come back quicly we all miss you

I m here to entertain u all and myxzelf :) Enjoy like my fb page https:// www.facebook.com/TheHallyuStyle
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