Renegade [Jungkook] PT 3

Genre: Angst, mild fluff Members: Jungkook; Reader/You; OC; Appearances from other members. Part: 3/? Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Summary: You were good, but you weren’t her. You weren’t enough and neither was he.

Jungkook’s entire body tensed, dark gaze darting up to lock with Taehyung’s. A few feet away, leaned up against Namjoon and Jungkook’s tiny shared desk, Tae crossed his arms over his chest, waiting for whatever retort Jungkook was going to shoot his way. For a moment, the small room was eerily silent. The older members watched the two youngest’s heated staring contest awkwardly. Jimin shifted a bit closer to Jungkook, hands stretching out to try to scoop up Yujin. There was an unhealthy flush spreading over Jungkook’s face and the way his jaw was locking was a telltale sign that he was going to start yelling. Jimin didn’t want his nephew to be so close to his father when he got angry. As a kid, Jimin remembered that his father rarely ever got angry, but on the few occasions that he did, Jimin never liked to see it first hand. The way his loving and doting father’s face had hardened and his soothing voice was ice cold scared him. Now, Jungkook was much different than Jimin’s father, he noted sadly. Jungkook was, in a way, very similar to Jimin himself; they both had short tempers. But unlike Jimin, whose anger faded just as quickly as it had sprung up, Jungkook tended to hold grudges. And unfortunately for the rest of the group, if Taehyung and Jungkook were fighting everything was going to be tense until they sorted things out. It wasn’t often that Jungkook and Tae fought; Tae was very passive and usually arguments between them started with Jungkook and ended with Tae apologizing for something he didn’t do wrong. Jimin always figured that Taehyung was sorry for not seeing things the way Jungkook did, but whenever he tried to ask Tae why he felt the need to say sorry when Jungkook was the one who started the fight, he would always say, ‘We’re brothers and brothers shouldn’t fight’. But now, for the first time in a very long time, it was Taehyung who started the argument. Jimin knew Jungkook wasn’t going to just jump up in a few hours apologizing to Taehyung like Tae would do. Jungkookie was going to brood and brood over this and just let it fester. And by the way Taehyung was staring at the youngest, face full of disappointment and shame, Jimin was afraid that Taehyung wasn’t going to cave and apologize first; he felt too strongly about this situation. And when Tae was adamant about something, he wasn’t going to take it lightly. Or let anyone else take it lightly. Which meant the boys should be preparing to take sides or give their excuse as to why they had no particular side. It was always like this when the two youngest fought. Or moreover, it was what Jungkook always did when he started a fight with Tae. It seemed that deep down, Jungkook knew he was wrong, but sought out someone to see on the same level as him to reassure himself. Tae never asked anyone to pick a side and it was usually that when Jungkook was calling for sides that Tae would cave and apologize. Taehyung truly didn’t want the members to fight, but Jungkook was too much like Jimin. When they were angry, they didn’t really think about anything else other than being right in every way. Jimin didn’t want little Yujin to be exposed to that if he could help it. Jimin’s arms brushed against Jungkook’s as he tucked his hands under Yujin to lift him up. Jungkook suddenly snapped his eyes to his hyung, wrapping his arms tighter around his son. His jaw loosened minutely, voice low and rasped as he slowly hissed, “Back off.” Jimin shifted back immediately. There was no real way to force a father to hand over his son. Yujin met his Uncle Jimin’s gaze, studying him for a bit before pointing a single finger at him and leaning towards him. Jungkook’s arms wrapped securely around him, preventing the infant from moving any closer to his uncle and the child started to whine, weakly trying to shove his father’s arms away. Ignoring him, Jungkook glared at Jimin’s hands discreetly motioning for Jungkook to pass Yujin over. He had already told Jimin to back off, what exactly was he trying to do? The baby’s face was reddening, breath coming out as frustrated puffs as he tried and failed to even get his father’s arms to budge. Flopping back and hitting the back of his head against Jungkook’s chest, Yujin started to cry, voice raising in pitch and most likely carrying out throughout the dorm. Flinching at the deliberate scream mixed with his son’s cries, Jungkook frowned down at him. “Stop it, you’re fine.” He murmured softly. Yujin ignored, him, wriggling in his father’s lap as he cried louder. Jungkook stared down at him in disbelief,”Yujin, Appa said stop.” “Jungkookie, just hand him over and he’ll stop.” Jimin suggested gently. It was the simplest way to get Yujin to stop; just give him what he wanted. And what he wanted right now was to be held by Jimin. He didn’t understand why Jungkook was suddenly this over protective father. Weren’t he and Jungkook like family? Weren’t all the members like family to each other? Why would Jungkook need to protect his son from his own family? “Jungkook.” He whispered in disbelief,”It’s me. It’s Jimin. You know I love Yujin just as much as you do-” “No you don’t.” The maknae spat back, voice partially drowned out by Yujin’s cries. ”You can’t. You’re not his father, I am.” He hissed, hands tucking under his son’s arms to put him back in place as he tried to slide out of Jungkook’s arms. Yujin went limp in his father’s hold, refusing to cooperate and sit still. He was still crying, tiny hands angrily trying to pry away Jungkook’s fingers. Trying to get Yujin to sit didn’t work out too well, the baby boy had stiffened his body straight, refusing to sit properly. Jungkook frowned at him, “Stop it, Yujin. Stop crying and just sit down.” He demanded sternly. “Jungkook.” Jimin pleaded tenderly. He wasn’t trying to steal Jungkook’s role as a father or show him up or whatever Jungkook was paranoid about. Jimin was only trying to help his stressed little brother and upset nephew. He only wanted to help his family. At seeing Yujin holding his arms out to him, Jimin delicately took his hands, hoping that if he already had a grip on him, Jungkook would be more inclined to hand him over. It didn’t have the intended effect and suddenly Jungkook was yelling at Jimin to make his voice heard over his son’s. “I can handle my own son, hyung!” He growled,”I don’t need you or Tae or any of you,” He hissed eyes scanning over the rest of the guys,”Or a fucking sitter! He’s not your son, he’s mine and his mother’s and we’re the only two people he needs!” He sharply turned down to the wailing baby,”Yujin, I said stop! You’re not hurt why the fuck are you crying!?” Hoseok and Jimin both flinched violently at the harsh tone and the way that Yujin himself was startled silent for a bit before his voice returned full force. Yoongi’s hand shot out, punching at Jungkook’s shoulder as he stood up, brows drawn down in anger,”Yes, yelling at him did fucking wonders, Jungkook.” He seethed. He held his hands out to Yujin, slapping away Jungkook’s when he timidly tried to push Yoongi’s away,”I’m done with your cocky bullshit Jungkook, you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing so hand him over.” Jungkook’s arms fell away, mouth suddenly dry as he watched his son scramble away from him and into Yoongi’s arms. His heart hurt seeing his baby that he loved dearly so desperate to get away from him. He hadn’t meant to yell, he was just too caught up in the moment and Yujin’s cries had been so distracting. Yujin held on tightly to the rapper, burying his face in his neck as he cried. “I didn’t…Yujin, Appa’s sorry.” The tired father breathed, getting up to his feet to circle around Yoongi to meet his son’s gaze. Yujin hid his face from his father, crying out in alarm when Jungkook’s hands gently brushed against him. Jungkook jumped back, running a hand through his hair as tears brimmed his eyes, “Yujin, I’m sorry. “He pleaded softly,”I didn’t mean to yell, I shouldn’t have yelled, I’m so sorry.” Yoongi gently bounced the baby, hands patting at his back to calm him. Yujin hiccuped, leaning his head against Yoongi’s as he quieted, tiny hands knotting in the fabric of the rapper’s sweater. Approaching them once more, Jungkook tried to scoop up his son from his hyung. The baby shook his head, pushing away Jungkook’s hands. “Eomma.” Lips quivering Jungkook shakily mumbled, “She’s not even your Eomma, why do you always want her? Appa’s right here. Do you want to come to Appa?” He looked as if he was going to start crying again, turning his head back into Yoongi’s neck. “No.” “No?” Jungkook repeated,”Is Appa not enough?” He took several steps back, turning his back towards the other members as he paced in a small circle in the room. Occasionally pausing to stare at his son curled up in his hyung’s arms, Jungkook would blink rapidly, tilting his face up to the ceiling and taking several deep breaths. Jimin stood up, placing a comforting hand on his younger brother’s shoulder. “Let’s go for a walk.” He murmured, fingers tightening their grip as he turned him towards the door. “Everyt-” “I’ll go with him.” Tae inclined his head to the side as he spoke, eyes passing over Jungkook’s puffy eyes. “I’ll go on the walk with him.” Jungkook furrowed his brows, starting to shake his head, but Taehyung narrowed his eyes, “No, I’m going with you. You need to see something.” Already knowing what it was that Tae probably wanted to show him, Jungkook shook his head, “I don’t want to see her, hyung. I don’t need to see Y/N.” Taehyung suddenly stepped forward, finger pointing straight at Jungkook, “You were just saying how you and your fiancee were the only two people Yujin needed, right? Well, she left and you can’t even get him to stop crying. Yoongi hyung was right, you have no idea what you’re doing and you can’t just smile and laugh your way through raising a kid like you do with interviews.” Jungkook grit his teeth, swatting away Taehyung’s hand. “You don’t think I know that?” He protested,”You don’t think I know how hard this is? You’re the one who doesn’t know! You don’t know anything about my family or me.” “Or you?” Taehyung exploded,” ‘Your family?’ I am your family, Jungkook!” He spread his arms out, motioning to the other members as well, “We are your family! You were fucking 15 when we all came together! I know you, Jungkook! I fucking know you! We grew up together! Who the hell got up early to take you to school!? Jin hyung! Who helped you with your piss poor English!? Namjoon hyung! Who encouraged you to keep working hard and not get too discouraged?! Suga hyung and Hobi hyung! Who the hell listens to all your stories and troubles and concerns and thoughts!? Jiminie!” Taehyung glared down at Jungkook viciously, “Who the hell made you feel comfortable around us? Who stayed up late to make sure you ate and showered since you were too shy to do when the rest of the guys were awake? Who played with you? Who encouraged you to call home for the first time and who cried with you when your parents were too busy to answer? Who warned you that something was weird with the girl you liked? Who still supported your relationship even though he didn’t agree with it? Who stayed quiet about her because he respected that you liked her so much? Me, it was me! I did!” He screamed, shoving Jungkook, “But I don’t know you, right!? I know nothing about you or your family!” Jungkook gulped, weakly trying to grasp onto Taehyung’s hands, “Tae, I-” The other man stepped back from him, shaking his head. Jungkook’s brows drew down together as he licked his lips nervously. He had really upset his brother. Hands knotting together, his voice quieted as he murmured,”Tae, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that, I’m sorry.” Pointing to the door, Jungkook tried to appeal to his hyung. “I’ll go on the walk with you.” He murmured,”We’ll talk with Y/N and I’ll apologize-” “I don’t care what you do.” Taehyung spat. “Hyung,” Jungkook cried, “I’m sorry.” He had just been saying the wrong thing left and right and he wasn’t sure why. Jungkook was tired of being hurt and he was tired of hurting others. Why didn’t his fiancee want to stay? Out of all the men in the world this had happened to, why did he have to be one of them? Little Yujin didn’t deserve this. His precious little boy had done nothing wrong, why was he being punished like this? Jungkook reached out once more, wrapping his arms around Taehyung’s shoulders. It was all too similar to when he was trying to keep Yujin close and it hurt just as much that not only did his son not want to be around him, but his fiancee and now his brother. Was he really that bad of a person? Although Tae tried to push him away, Jungkook remained rooted. He needed his brother to know that he hadn’t meant any of what he had said. He was just stressed and hurt and had been saying the wrong things left and right. The maknae struggled to keep his hold on Tae, repeatedly apologizing through his gasps of breath. Still gently rocking Yujin, Yoongi looked over to Jin nodding his head in Jungkook and Taehyung’s direction. The oldest member of the group, lifted a hand to rub at his eye, shrugging. Jin didn’t see anything he could to do resolve the problem; Jungkook had spoken some untruth and Taehyung had put him in his place. There was nothing else to add. The only thing left to do was to wait and see if Taehyung was going to accept Jungkook’s apology. Yujin lifted his head up from Yoongi’s shoulder, wide eyes locking on the glistening earring dangling from his ear. Head swiveling back, he settled his gaze on the shining earrings hanging from his father’s ears. The baby blinked, curiously observing his weeping father desperately trying to get Taehyung’s attention. Yujin’s small hands pushed against Yoongi’s shoulder as he shifted his weight back, leaning towards Jungkook. “Appa.” He frowned, trying to untuck his leg from Yoongi’s side, breath hitching when Yoongi held him closer to prevent him from falling. “Appa.” Soothing and low, Yoongi shushed the baby, smoothing down his hair and trying to coax him into staying still. Yujin frowned, pushing away Yoongi’s hands, “Appa!” Jungkook’s head snapped back towards his son, immediately stretching his hands out for him. Without much of a delay, Yoongi was handing over the child who was practically jumping from his arms. At the comforting feel of Yujin’s weight in his arms again, Jungkook sighed heavily, holding him tightly. The baby quietly laid his head down, yawning widely. His father bounced him lightly, eyes scanning across his messy bed. He wasn’t actually prepared to care for Yujin inside the dorms. They had barely enough space as it was here, so Jungkook hadn’t wanted to add to the clutter with baby items for a child he didn’t intend to raise in such a cramped space. He wasn’t sure where would be a good place to set Yujin down for a nap. Ideally, he’d chose his bed, but it didn’t exactly sound safe. Taehyung tilted his head to the side as he watched his brother space out. “Admit it.” Jungkook was drawing a blank on what to do next; like he always did. The sight of it made Taehyung sad, it was obvious his brother was hurting and struggling, but why did he think he needed to do so alone? And where had he gotten the ridiculous notion that no one understood him or his situation. Tae and the other guys may not have been the ones personally experiencing the abandonment of a loved one and the overwhelming sense of duty to a child, but they were with Jungkook and for him and they had felt all the emotions he did. They were there when he first met her. They heard first hand of how Jungkook felt about her. They were the first ones he told when he found out she was pregnant. It was them who Jungkook asked for advice when he decided that he wanted to marry her. Yujin’s birth? The six of them had jumped up and down the sidewalks to hail a taxi at midnight in the dead of winter while Jungkook cried into his phone trying to keep his girlfriend calm on her ride to the hospital. They were the ones giving Jungkook the pep talk of his life on the ride to the hospital, the ones who told him he could do this and he was going to be a wonderful father. The six of them had camped out in the waiting room, silently cheering for their nervous little brother and he waited for his son to be born. Although as the time had progressed, the majority had lost their vigor and sat quietly, waiting for any news of their nephew’s birth. Yoongi and Jin however, had stood right outside the delivery doors, gifts in hand and arms wide open for the tearful new father when he burst through the door, elated at the glimpse he had gotten of his first born child. And Taehyung didn’t doubt for a second that his hyung’s patience and dedication was why his nephew’s name was Yujin and not something akin to Taemin or Hojoon. The six of them had been to emotionally attached and dedicated to Jungkook’s relationship and the little family he was starting that it was insulting to insinuate that they understood nothing. They knew everything and they felt it all just as strongly if not stronger than Jungkook himself felt it. And he had so boldly accused that they knew nothing about him or his family? Taehyung was willing to forgive Jungkook for this, but he was never going to forget it. Jungkook lifted his eyes to Tae’s, unsure of what he sudden comment was in reference to. In his arms, Yujin rubbed his face against his father’s shoulders, lips curling as a whine passed through his lips. “What?” Jungkook asked, rocking his son as the child furiously rubbed at his red eyes. Jungkook frowned as he observed his son trying to fight off sleep once more. The baby needed a nap, he noted, he needed one desperately. “Admit you need Y/N’s help and I’ll forgive you for what you said.” Taehyung explained softly. He wasn’t going to forget it, but for the sake of his family, he was going to forgive. Around them, the rest of the members relaxed; Jimin especially. He was afraid that Taehyung was going to hold tight to his resolve and milk as much guilt from Jungkook was possible, but it seemed that Taehyung was willing to put everything behind once more. Jimin grinned softly, if there was anyone he was extremely grateful for, it was Tae. And Jungkook should feel the same way towards not only Taehyung, but to you as well. CREDIT TO SUGA-OF-DAEGU


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