NYC Urban Townhouse by GLUCK+

From the site: "'Urban Townhouse' by GLUCK+ is Reorganized for Privacy Photos © Raimund Koch GLUCK+ has re-organized a traditional 'urban townhouse' to promote the privacy of the residents of this new york city dwelling, tucked behind a four-storey vertical library. the most radical change removes the stair from the party wall and places it and an elevator at the front of the townhouse, toward the street. this move separates the majority of the living quarters from the street both visually and audibly. the circulation no longer squeezes the space into a long corridor with compartmentalized rooms, but allows a singular inhabitable area stretching to the back of the house which runs 38-feet-deep. during the day these spaces are flooded with natural light from the full height curtain wall that overlooks the private backyard."

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