Liar Liar-Chapter 12

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Link----› ♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧ Genre: Mafia AU Pairing: I don’t even know anymore Others Characters in Chapter:  Yoongi, Jin, Jungkook,Jimin Length: 2866 words

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy, the feels are strong with this one

Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be Part: 12/? “One…”, My grip tightened on Jimin’s arm. “Two…” I shut my eyes. The ‘three’ was consumed by the sound of a gun, and before I could react, those two had jumped ,taking me with them. Suddenly I was screaming. The only sensation I could feel was the wind rushing past me. I was falling. And it was liberating. And I felt free.

Y/n’s POV “Ow!” As we landed,I felt a burning sensation in my knees.. Nicely done y/n. I let go of Jimin, and Yoongi slowly took his hand away from me.The other two men were already up on their feet watching the van speed off into the distance, as I inspected the damage done to my knees. “Get down you idiots, they’ll see you in their mirrors!”  Jimin laughed, but crouched down nonetheless, and Yoongi followed suit, concealing the gun inside his coat as he did so. The skin’s grazed, bit of blood nothing major, I told myself as I rolled the jeans back down. “You alright?”, Yoongi question, with a hand on my shoulder. I shrugged it off and muttered “I’m fine.” You’re not getting off that easy Min Yoongi. I brushed myself off and started searching for signs. As I looked around, I started to think the same thoughts that I had been harbouring at the back of my mind.  Are these two really as dangerous as what Jungkook said? Are they wanted criminals? Has Yoongi really killed families over money? Did Jimin really rape women? I shook the thoughts from my head. I had to think in the moment. And all that mattered at that moment was surviving.  “Namjoon would be good in a situation like this”, Jimin muttered. I felt a pang of guilt and shame at what Jungkook had done to his friend. I felt a strange sense of responsibility for all of Jungkook’s actions, seeing as he had done them all to get to me.  It was like I was his accomplice- if it wasn’t for me, all those people would still be alive. Yoongi’s girlfriend, Minah, Namjoon. They’d all be breathing. When I turned to face them, both men were staring at me.“I can’t see any signs”, I spoke up, stating the obvious.  Jimin was just about to speak, when I cut him off “Oh! Almost forgot! I have to text Jin and tell him Jimin’s been dealt with.” Yoongi nodded. “OK.” He turned to Jimin. “We need to get off this road- the first thing they’ll do is retrace their steps.” I kept the text short: To Jin: The freak’s been dealt with. I started giggling, causing Jimin to narrow his eyes and ask “What did you write?” I tried to dodge his hand but he was too quick. His eyes scanned over the screen and he shouted “OY!”  Before he could chase me, Yoongi stopped him. “Stop acting like a kid. Use his phone to locate where we are.” While Jimin did that, we stood around silently. I wanted to talk to Yoongi, ask him if he really meant what he said, but I knew he wouldn’t open up with Jimin there. So I just kicked a small stone around while he stood and watched.  This was desolate place. Since we had arrived, no car had driven past. No person walked here. No building could be seen for miles. But we were also not in my area- I would know that. I also knew that Jungkook’s HQ was close to my apartment. So where the hell are we? “Ok. Boss, this is what it’s telling us. Nearest hotel’s a mile that way.” Jimin was pointing back the way we had come from.  “If you look, there’s an off-road shortcut that’ll save us time.” Yoongi looked down at the screen. “Off-road? Good, they’re less likely to find us.” I frowned.”Hotel? Earth to idiots, we don’t have any money. And why don’t you show me the map, I can find my apartment- we can hang there and come up with a plan.” Jimin grinned. “Fake credit cards love. Very handy.” Yoongi added “Going to your place is too risky. Jungkook might go back there. Plus, we probably won’t be able to get there on foot.” I sighed. We were in that van for at least 15-20 minutes, so we were too far from Yoongi’s base as well. Not that I wanted to go back there, with all those bodies. But I hardly fancied the idea of going to a hotel under a fake name, illegally. Stop y/n. These guys kill people. That’s about as illegal as it gets.  But it was getting dark now, and I was tired.“Ok, let’s go. They’re gonna realise we’re missing soon.” As we started walking, I held back a bit. I watched the back of their heads as they conversed quietly- one mint, one orange. It was strange. They had injured me, kidnapped me, scared the hell out of me. And here I was- going against Jungkook to help them escape, and now I was following them to god knows where,with no complaints. It’s weird how attachments work. At the back of my mind, I was also concerned about Jungkook. What would Jin do to him for letting us get away? God knows. Please let it be nothing serious. “By the way”, I called, making them both turn. But I was looking at Yoongi. I wanted to make things OK. Ignoring a gang leader who had let you live was pretty stupid. “I forgive you.” His small smile was enough for me to know he hadn’t meant it in the first place. And that made me glad. I remembered the way he made me feel, the way he touched me. He can’t have meant it. But that smile confirmed it. Jimin furrowed his brow in confusion. “What did you do?” Yoongi just shook his head, that small smile sill plastered on his face. But Jimin wasn’t content with that response. He looked at me. “What did he do?” I wanted to keep the mood good (well, as good as it was going to get), so I said in mock surprise, “Jimin! Do you really have to ask me what he did? Isn’t it obvious? I haven’t eaten ALL day!” His signature smile was back. I grinned to the two of them, pushing Jimin forward to walk faster. I was hiding my exhaustion- I didn’t want to be a burden, slowing them down. “Now c’mon. Let’s go get some food.”


Jin’s POV Everything was going according to plan. Jin wasn’t even concerned when the call suddenlt cut off from Jungkook’s end- that stupid girl had probably said something to piss him off. Why the hell is she still alive anyway? Jungkook knows the rules. “Taehyung, slow the fuck down”, Jin ordered. He was wedges in between Taehyung and Hoseok, and everytime the van swerved, his body weight would shift onto one or the other. “The roads empty boss”, Taehyung replied, grinning madly. Jin just rolled his eyes. Kid didn’t even have a license, but his head was spinning as the drinks from earlier began to take effect, and Hoseok only had one functioning hand. Jin only motioned for Taehyung to stop the van at the side of the road when he received a text from Jungkook: From Jungkook: The freak’s been dealt with.  He smirked darkly. At least that was one nuisance out of the way. Next would be Yoongi. Then Jungkook’s bitch. Finally, his enemies were being taken down one by one. They would get the girls brother and uncle themselves- they didn’t need her for that. “He’s dealt with the bastard”, Jin announced. “We’ll help him get rid of the body.”  “Which bastard?”, Hoseok asked. “The one who shot me?” Jin nodded. “The very one.” The satisfactory look on Hope’s face made him smile. Come after my men, and I will give you what you fucking deserve. “Right c’mon. It’s getting dark, we need it to be light enough to see.” The three men left the van. Jin wanted to see the look on the girls face. He wanted her to suffer. If he had learned anything at Yoongi’s HQ, he was certain she had formed some kind of bond with those conniving, manipulative assholes. Jin noticed something stopped dead in his tracks. Why the hell are the doors already open? We only just stopped. He ran around the back and screamed in frustration. He was met with the unwelcome view of an unconscious Jungkook, tied to a seat, with no sign of the other three. How the fuck…What..When? Jin was beyond confused. Two had been tied up. One was unconscious. Yet they still fucking got out? He heard Taehyung mutter “Fuck”, under his breath. Hoseok took a deep breath before saying “I’ll get some water, looks like he’s been out cold for a good few minutes.” “Fuck that”, Jin growled, stepping into the van, “we don’t need fucking water.” He strode up to Jungkook’s slumped form and punched him square in the jaw, drawing blood. Jungkook groaned. He punched him again. This time Jungkook’s eyes shot open in response to the pain. He was drawing shallow breaths when Jin stood and stamped on his leg. Jungkook moaned “Stop! Please!” “Taehyung come here and untie the fucker”, Jin snapped, showing no sympathy towards his soldier’s suffering. This is what happens when you get attached godamnit. Jungkook was a strong member of this gang- one moment of weakness had reduced him to this. Taehyung stepped slowly, taking out his pocket knife. “Now, before I grab his knife and stick it in your fucking leg, tell me what the hell happened.” Taehyung started sawing away at the coarse rope. “The bastard was pretending to be out cold”, he said darkly, wincing slightly at the pain his his leg and jaw. “When you called, he used that as an advantage to knock me out. Jungkook glanced at where he’d been sat, and Jin followed his gaze, instantly understanding. There was a visible dent in the van where his head had made contact with the metal.  “Look boss”, Hoseok spoke up for the first time since discovering Jungkook like this. He was pointing at the floor. A bullet hole. “That must have been what we heard from up front.” “But you texted….wait, hold on”, Jin was thinking out loud. “Hoseok? Do you have one of your laptops up front.” Hoseok nodded warily, unsure of what was coming next. Taehyung had by now cut Jungkook free, and all three men were staring at Jin. “Well we all know that all our phones are fitted with trackers as part of an emergency rescue plan. One of those three texted me. So we locate Jungkook’s phone, we locate him.” Hoseok nodded and walked off to get his computer. “Taehyung. You go with Hoseok. Go text those bastards saying we can’t stop the van now, so they think we haven’t realised yet. Better to take them by surprise. Taehyung followed Hoseok, leaving Jin with Jungkook. He helped him up up to his feet. Sure, he was pissed with him, but he was still one of his men. “Now you, listen. I don’t give a shit if you’ve got the hots for Little-Miss-Smartass, I’m going to fucking deal with her tonight, you hear me? Go against me this time, and you’ll be joining her.” Jungkook clenched his teeth. Jin couldn’t tell if his internal anger was directed at y/n, himself or his boss. “You won’t deal with her”, Jungkook replied bluntly. Jin reacted instantly by grabbing Jungkook by the collar. Is he fucking stupid? “Let me finish boss.” He was calm considering the consequences. “I will be the one to put a bullet through her head. Not you. It’s my fault she’s still walking.” That was more like the Jungkook he knew. He let go and patted his back. “Finally. Thought you’d never see sense.”  “Boss!”, Hoseok’s voice bellowed. “Found them!”Great, Jin thought, stepping out the van and beckoning Jungkook to follow him. “Thank you Hoseok. Do me a favour and sit at the back. Keep texting me updates on their location. Let’s get these fuckers. Oh, and Taehyung? Jungkook’s driving.” Taehyung’s face fell, making the other men chuckle.  Let’s go have some fun.

To Be Continued....

GAH THE FEELS ARE STRONG!!!!! WAEEE WAEEEE! *cries*@yougotnojamz Your hurting my heart but at the same time I'm loving the chapters! JUNGKOOK WAE YOU DO THAT!!!! ;-; Oooooraaaange!!!! ;-;

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