It was a Monday morning and you were getting ready to go to school. You and Hoseok were childhood buddies, You guys knew everything about each other. That was until you started to catch feeling for him. You put on your school outfit and you wished your school wasn't strict. You put on your make up...but then you remember Hoseok said that you didn't need make up because you were beautiful just as you were. You sighed... "Well I better take off my make up before I finish it." You ate breakfast you ate your favorite type of cereal you really weren't hungry at the time. You walked out side your house to see your Hoseok waiting to walk you to school. You felt very nervous thinking "Should i tell him... should i not...ughh." "(Y/N) you look beautiful today i told you .you are beautiful even without make up." You suddenly felt butterflies in your stomach. "hehe thanks Hope" You remember crap... i havent called him Hope in such a long time. You guys walk all the way to school and you feel very nervous. Suddendly you guys reach school

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